Changes Reportedly Coming Soon to Disney World’s Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle
Credit: Flickr/Brian McGowan

If you’ve visited Walt Disney World Resort recently, then you know firsthand how many changes Cinderella Castle has been through in the past couple of years.

child jumping at disney world cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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First, the iconic symbol of Magic Kingdom underwent a new color, as it was painted a light pink instead of the classic silvery white. After that, it was adorned with a huge medallion and huge ribbons along the castle’s spires to commemorate Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

Magic Kingdom 50th Castle

Credit: Disney

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Then, during hurricane season, some changes were made to protect Cinderella Castle from the oncoming storm.

Then, months later, all of the decorations for the Most Magical Celebration on Earth were taken down.

Now, just a few months after each decoration has been taken down, Magic Kingdom Park’s iconic structure is about to undergo another change. Something…bluer than before.

cinderellas castle

Credit: Disney

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During the 50th anniversary celebration, the vast metal ribbons had adorned the castle for over a year. As a result, some of the iconic blue paint on the castle’s turrets has faded.

Now, those changes need to be fixed:

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Magic Kingdom’s iconic Cinderella Castle will receive a new coat of paint, but it won’t be the change everybody is begging for. According to this Tweet, only the turrets will be coated in the dark blue color to recover any fading that has happened in the past year.

As for the body of the castle, it will remain pink for the time being.

Will Cinderella Castle ever return to the classic blue and silver color scheme? We sure hope so! But we can’t tell for sure just yet.

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