Disney CEO Bob Iger Shares His “Disappointed” Thoughts on Predecessor Bob Chapek

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In a juicy turn of events, Disney CEO Bob Iger shared some words about The Walt Disney Company under Bob Chapek’s reign. Iger replaced Chapek just last year after Chapek was removed from the top seat. Now, new comments have left some fans feeling shocked.

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Bob vs. Bob: The Saga Continues

In November of 2022, Bob Iger stepped into the role previously occupied by Bob Chapek, bringing his extensive experience and leadership back to the forefront of The Walt Disney Co. This transition marked a significant shift in the company’s direction and signaled a new era under the guidance of a seasoned industry veteran.

Bob Iger’s career at Disney spans several decades, during which he has consistently demonstrated a sharp business knowledge and a deep understanding of the entertainment industry and the theme park world. From his early days at ABC Television to his eventual ascent to the pinnacle of The Walt Disney Company, Iger’s impact and influence have been instrumental in shaping the company’s success.

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After stepping down from the role, Bob Chapek went on to become a less-than-perfect CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Chapek was tasked with the difficult role of transitioning the company, specifically each Disney Park, through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many critics feel that he failed to meet the expectations of this job, which led to his departure from the position last fall. When he stepped away, Iger was quick to create a plan of action as his replacement.

Since then, Iger’s initial year has been one of many ups and downs. Through it all, Iger has continued to push through and attempt to achieve a historic turnaround for the company. Iger has continued to try and push ahead, meaning that we haven’t gotten much insight into his thoughts and feelings of the previous CEO. Now, days after Iger’s one-year return anniversary, that has all changed.

Iger Looks Back on Disney’s Chapek Era

This Tuesday, Bob Iger shockingly opened up and expressed his “disappointment” with Bob Chapek’s era at Disney. Speaking at The New York Times’ DealBook Summit, Iger candidly admitted his dissatisfaction, stating, “I was disappointed in what I was seeing in the transition period and while I was out. I worked hard at distancing myself from it.”

Iger’s frankness in discussing his disappointment sheds light on the challenges faced by The Walt Disney Company during the transition of leadership. As a seasoned executive who had successfully guided the company through numerous milestones, Iger’s words carry significant weight and provide insight into the inner workings of the company.

In essence, Iger’s candid expression of disappointment allows us a glimpse into the intricacies of executive transitions and the weight of expectations that come with them. It is a reminder that even the most successful companies encounter periods of uncertainty and change, and it is the responsibility of strong leaders like Iger to navigate these waters with determination and transparency.

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  1. Well Mr. Iger, I am disappointed that you did not have a clear and solid succession plan in place, that you have allowed DEI initiatives to be a larger focus in the parks and movies, and that you did not distance yourself after you abruptly retired. You stuck around as Executive Chairman, did not give up your physical office, and undermined your new CEO behind his back instead of providing consultation. I’m not a fan of a lot of things that Chapek did especially wading into Florida politics because 60 employees (out of 75,000) protested a law. He lost a valuable asset, Reedy Creek Improvement District, and right or wrong, it created an on-going, and completely avoidable mess. I am curious what exactly Chapek did that was disappointing to Mr. Iger as a lot of things were already in place and in process from the Iger team and his senior executives that still remain.

  2. Mr. Iger, you have not done much to change what Mr. Chapek did.

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