Cast Members Plan Protest March Against Disney’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

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Walt Disney World is making Orlando news today, as Disney World Cast Members are planning to march against Disney’s recent requirement mandating all Cast Members receive the COVID 19 vaccine. Disney recently was able to get the Union on board with the vaccine requirement, meaning ALL Cast Members, even Unionized employees, are now required to be vaccinated. September 18 is the deadline for Cast Members to receive the last dose of the COVID 19 vaccination. Some Cast Members however disagree with the mandatory requirement and are planning to march against it on Friday, September 17.

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Credit: Disney

As reported by Fox 35 Orlando: “On Friday, Walt Disney World Cast Members plan to march against the company’s recent COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The organizer says many Cast Members are worried about what will happen after Saturday’s deadline for getting at least one dose of the vaccine. They reportedly could face being fired if they refuse.”

The event organizer, Nick Caturano is quoted saying, “We understand that COVID-19 is a very real health concern that we all have to take seriously, but many Cast Members have a legitimate basis for refusing vaccination.” “So many Cast Members felt alone and felt like they were the only ones who thought this was wrong,” says Caturano. “I think we were made to feel that way on purpose. But we have connected now, and we are pushing back.”

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Caturano says Disney employees are resisting the forced vaccinations for a variety of reasons including health concerns, religious belief, natural immunity, and a principled commitment to maintaining control over their own health care.

Fox 35 continues to report, “The march begins at 2 p.m. at 12151 S. Apopka Vineland Rd. Participants are expected to walk up and down Lake Buena Vista Boulevard through the middle of Disney World. A similar protest is scheduled for Friday in Anaheim, California.”

Recently, not only are Cast Members and workers required to be vaccinated, but Disney has extended the required vaccination to the Disney Cruise Line as well with all Guests boarding the ship ages 12 and up must show their vaccination status for proof of vaccine.

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We suspect Walt Disney World officials will likely hold their ground as they have announced the return of entertainment being allow because of the vaccination mandate. Recently, Disney announced the popular Candlelight Processional will be returning to EPCOT this year by saying, “Since all these performers – including Cast Members, musicians, singers, and narrators – will be required to be fully vaccinated, this year we are not planning to host choirs from different community groups and schools. Instead, to maintain the grandeur of the performance, we are expanding our Cast Member choir to fill the stage with voices. We’re optimistic that the Guest choirs will be able to rejoin us next year for this special holiday opportunity.”

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On top of that news, President Biden recently hosted Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, along with other company leaders to discuss the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate. We will keep you updated as we learn more about this Cast Member protest against the mandatory vaccine. In the meantime, keep those face masks handy at Disney still requires face coverings to be worn at all indoor locations throughout the Theme Parks and Resorts.

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