BRAND-NEW Parade Wows Guests With Unusual Characters

Harmony in Color

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating a handful of anniversaries at a few of its theme parks. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida just wrapped up celebrating its 50th anniversary. Animal Kingdom Park is celebrating 25 years. Disney itself is turning the big 100 with celebrations at Disneyland Resort in Southern California.

Also, on the other side of the globe, the celebration of Tokyo Disney’s 40th anniversary is underway! In one of the most classically Disney ways possible, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated with a brand new day parade called Harmony in Color. The parade focuses on adventure, courage, family, friendship, and of course, vibrant color!

40 Dream-Go-Round

Tokyo Disney Resort

Dancers in colorful costumes usher in the parade, with Tinker Bell following atop a rainbow float. Audiences later hear Zootopia’s “Try Everything,” featuring an inflated Clawhauser, Officer Judy Hopps, and her partner Nick Wilde from the 2016 film. That’s right, Nick Wilde in his officer uniform!

The following Up (2009) float is led by Kevin’s babies hatching out of eggs and topped by Carl’s house and hundreds of colorful balloons. Adorable wilderness explorers are dancing behind it, having the time of their lives, as the music declares, “Adventure is out there!”

Perhaps the most moving section of the parade involves a mashup of Tangled‘s (2010) “When Will My Life Begin,” Pocahontas’ (1995) “Just Around the River Bend,” Brave’s (2012) “Touch the Sky,” and Moana’s (2016) “How Far I’ll Go.” Merida dances with her bow in the best reimaging of her dress and shoes of any Disney Park, followed by Moana on her Wayfinder float. Pocahontas is on the back of the float atop a cliff’s edge with Meeko. Rapunzel is at the bottom of her tower, hair strung up to the ledge, and then she SWINGS ON HER HAIR. She’s off the ground, swinging on her hair, on the float! Pure magic.

Tinker Bell Harmony in Color

Tokyo Disney Resort

Next is the beautifully designed Coco (2017) float centered with a giant white guitar and with DĂ­a de Muertos dancers to follow. The Incredibles (2004) has its own float, and Jack Jack is gigantic. Mrs. Incredible’s legs are stretched a mile long. Woody and Buzz follow on Andy’s remote control car, with Toy Story 4‘s (2019) Forky on the back. Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph (2012) have a candy car of their own.

There’s a big section dedicated to Big Hero Six (2014). Honey Lemon is a little terrifying at first because she is not a face character but instead wearing a mask. Baymax lovingly sits atop the float petting his calico cat.

Speaking of cats, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse from The Aristocats (1970) make a rare appearance! Cinderella and Prince Charming, Belle and Prince Adam, and Aladdin and Jasmine dance along the street. The Pinnochio (1940) characters also dance along. Per usual, Mickey, Minnie, and the other VIP’s bring the parade home, each wearing different vibrant colors on the mosaic, kaleidoscope-pattered float.

VIP's Tokyo

Tokyo Disney

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Guests are responding positively to the cute and colorful theming and the updated characters along the route.

For more of Tokyo Disneyland’s Dream-Go-Round 40th anniversary festivities, Guests can look forward to a new firework show called Sky Full of Colors.

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