Blue Milk Is Headed to Stores… And We Aren’t Sure How We Feel About It

TruMoo Blue Milk with a light saber next to it
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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts are home to the refreshing beverages many know as blue and green. Let’s explore what to know about Disney World’s Milk Stand – AND how TruMoo has revealed a new Blue Milk coming to stores! 

Disney World’s Milk Stand Location

Guests with blue and green milk

Credit: Disney

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Guests will find the legendary blue and green milk at the local Milk Stand in Batuu, the planet home to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park. The Milk Stand can be found near Oga’s Cantina and First Order Cargo. Other dining locations in Batuu include Ronto Roasters, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, and Kat Saka’s Kettle.

Quick Service Experience

The Milk Stand is a Quick Service dining location. This means guests are able to stop by for a refreshing drink without needing a dining reservation. Due to the popularity of the Milk Stand, this location offers Disney’s Mobile Order feature.

Mobile Order allows you to place an order using the My Disney Experience app before arriving at the dining location. Once you’ve been notified that your order is ready, you can pick it up without waiting in line. This feature lets you spend more time in the Park and less time waiting in line.

Fun Atmosphere!

Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

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When you enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,  you’re immersed in the planet of Batuu. The Milk Stand is no exception. Blue and green milk are small details from the Star Wars films that are added to Batuu to take the experience to the next level.

Menu Options

Blue and Green Milk

Credit: Disney

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While visiting this restaurant, you’ll notice featured drinks, including the iconic frozen blue and green milk and the Tenoo Swirl Crunchies Cereal drink. Blue and Green Milk are plant-based blends of Coconut and Rice Milk. The Blue Milk has alluring fruity characteristics, while the Green Milk has zippy citrus and tropical characteristics.

The Tenoo Swirl is topped with Raspberry Jelly and Mini Rainbow Crunchy Candies. You can also select a Bubo Wamba Family Farms Cup as a souvenir for your Blue or Green Milk.

For guests 21 and older, enjoy a Blue Milk Cooler with Bacardi Rum or a Green Milk Cooler with Corazon Blanco Tequila. For the complete menu, guests can visit the My Disney Experience app.

Mixed Reviews

Some Disney fans LOVE the taste of Blue and Green Milk. Others (including us!) honestly aren’t huge fans. We highly recommend all Star Wars fans try both at least ONE time for the whole Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience, but ultimately… we don’t find ourselves going back for a second often.

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Arriving in STORES!

Now, according to recent reports, Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk by Dairy Farmers of AmericaTruMoo will arrive in stores soon. The announcement shared:

The Star Wars galaxy’s favorite beverage comes home! This delicious vanilla-flavored milk is available on April 17.

TruMoo Blue Milk with a light saber next to it

Credit: Disney / Canva

If you prefer the Green Milk option, you may want to try Green Milk from TruMoo. It may not be the same as the green milk in the parks, but they currently offer a Mint Vanilla flavor for St. Patrick’s Day.

We’re eager to snag a Blue Milk when it hits stores on April 17 to see how it tastes compared to the Disney Parks option.

Which do you prefer… Blue or Green Milk? Let us know in the comments.

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