8 Things You’ll Love About Oga’s Cantina at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Let’s get one thing straight: Oga’s Cantina is not for those seeking a relaxing lounge experience.  After all, this bar, named for the mysterious and elusive crime boss Oga Garra on Bantuu’s Black Spire Outpost,is the local hotspot for smugglers, bounty hunters, rogue traders, and other unsavory characters.  Which is, of course, precisely what makes it such a popular hangout for guests of all ages at Walt Disney World!  When you’re finished piloting the Millennium Falcon, this is the perfect location to re-energize and try some great drinks – and a great theme!  Read on to find out all there is to love about Oga’s Cantina.


1. Location

We’re pretty sure anyone reading this already knows that Oga’s Cantina is located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios; it’s perfectly situated across from the Millennium Falcon in a circular building, with minimal signage.  But it bears repeating that this eagerly anticipated new land is out of this world!  Disney Imagineers designed Galaxy’s Edge to be fully immersive, which means you’ll feel like you’re actually on Bantuu wherever you go.  In fact, one of the best things we recommend is just walking around Galaxy’s Edge, taking pictures and soaking up the atmosphere!

2. Atmosphere

Oga’s Cantina is a new locale not seen in the Star Wars movies, but it certainly looks right at home in the Star Wars universe.  Though there aren’t any resident aliens hanging around in this bar, it looks almost like a cross between the Mos Eisley Cantina in the original Star Wars film, and the inside of the TARDIS, thanks to its central circular bar area.  It’s a small space, intentionally so, to create the intimacy Disney Imagineers were going for, and expect minimal lighting and lots of hustle and bustle.  The art design and details are, as per Disney standards, top-notch.  You can see the charred remains of blaster fires, presumably from guests who angered Oga, and though you’ll never see her, you might hear her yelling at some unfortunate rogues who got on her bad side.

Oga’s Cantina

3. DJ “REX”

Part of what makes Oga’s Cantina such a unique experience is the ambient music provided by droid DJ R3X, better known as REX.  You might recognize REX – he’s the Starspeeder pilot that used to call Star Tours home, and he’s been put to brilliant use here as the lounge’s resident DJ.  Watching him move around and turn his head to look at people is one of the highlights of Oga’s Cantina, and the music he pumps out fills the lounge with energy.  You might even catch the bartenders chanting and cheering in time with the music (feel free to join in!).

Rex at Oga’s Cantina

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4. Standing Room Only

We’ve already mentioned that Oga’s Cantina is not your typical relaxing lounge locale.  Seating is limited – the bar consists mostly of standing room – and not guaranteed, plus if you do get a seat, you may be sitting with other guests.  But this is part of what makes Oga’s Cantina feel so authentic.  It’s all about interacting with other intergalactic travellers, and feeling the energy of this other-worldly watering hole.  Plus, you could seriously wander around the bar for hours and still not see all the amazing details.  So, why not embrace the experience, grab a drink, and spend your time in Oga’s Cantina exploring!

5. Alcoholic Drinks

Each guest at Oga’s Cantina has a 2-drink maximum, so it can be difficult to know what to choose.  If you’re in the mood for an alcoholic beverage that is completely unique, we’d suggest the Fuzzy Tauntaun.  It has a nice citrus flavor, and features Ciroc Peach Vodka and Bols Beach Schnapps.  But the Fuzzy Tauntaun’s highlight has to be the Buzzz Foam, which makes your mouth go slightly (or completely, if you have a lot!) numb, thanks to the natural numbing agent it contains.  For a dose of fun, try the Rodian Ration, which features sour apple schnapps, Vodka, green apple, Sprite, and boba balls; the fun is in the pop rocks on top!

Oga’s Cantina Alcoholic Beverages

6. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Oga’s Cantina welcomes under-aged bounty hunters too, and there are plenty of non-alcoholic drink choices for them, and anyone else in your party with a taste for adventure.  You really should try the Blue Bantha, at least once – even just to see where you stand regarding the love/hate relationship most guests have with this interesting drink!  It consists of Blue Milk with a yummy vanilla-butter sugar cookie.  Any young guests jealous of their parents’ pop rocks in Rodian Ration can order Oga’s Obsession, which is like a non-alcoholic version of the drink, only blue, and with lemonade and cotton candy flavoring. 

Beverages at Oga’s Cantina

7. Batuu Bits

Unless you’re enjoying Oga’s Cantina for breakfast, there’s only one food item on the menu.  Good thing it’s Batuu Bits, which are both refreshingly original and decidedly tasty!  But what exactly are Batuu Bits?  A bowl of chermoula dip, full of garlic, spices and capers, with a ton of fun extras for dipping.  You’ll find crunchy fried veggies including carrots and green beans, plus surprising additions like lotus root and seaweed.  With the fried coating and spices, not to mention the dip, you’ll barely know you’re eating vegetables and not potato chips!  Finally, just to throw in one more surprise, you’ll discover small, delicious chocolate meringues hiding among the Batuu Bits.  It’s like an appetizer, entrée and dessert, all in one!

8. Souvenirs     

There is a 45-minute time limit per party at Oga’s Cantina, so what if this just leaves you wanting more?  Luckily, there are a few ways you can take a little bit of your experience with you.  Guests aren’t able to take their drinks out of the bar, but if you have purchased a drink in one of the highly-coveted souvenir mugs or vessels, a cast member will box you up a brand new one to take with you and enjoy back home.  You can choose from an adorable Porg mug, a Battle of Endor mug, and the always-popular Rancor Tooth Beer Flight board.

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