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The Do’s And Dont’s Of The Walt Disney World Dining Plan

The dining plans at Walt Disney World are a way for on-property guests to prepay for their meals as part of a vacation package, then pay for their food with credits at the resort. It’s a polarizing topic. To help you decide if a dining plan is right for your family, here are eight do’s and don’ts. 1. DO Get ...

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Drinking Around Epcot’s World Showcase 101

Drinking around Epcot’s World Showcase, better known as Drinking Around the World, is a popular activity for adults at Walt Disney World. However, it’s an activity that should not be taken lightly. The goal is to have a drink in each pavilion around World Showcase. If accomplished, that’s eleven alcoholic drinks. That’s a lot of drinks, and not for the ...

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11 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Disney Dining Plan

Navigating the Dining Plan can get a little overwhelming. What plan is best? What restaurant is best? How do I know I’m getting the most for my money? Well, I’m here to help with that last question with these eleven tips. 11. Do Your Research Walt Disney World has tons of dining options, ranging from snack stands to fancy signature ...

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12 Serious ‘Time Wasters’ At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a magical place. But too many guests make timing mistakes that cut into the magic. Here are twelve time wasters, and how to make your vacation as efficient as possible! 12. Too Many Bathroom Breaks Stopping at every restroom you see will really cut into your touring time! In my family, when we make a restroom ...

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12 Walt Disney World Experiences You’ll Regret NOT Doing

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

A Walt Disney World vacation is a magical experience. But what if you got home only to realize you missed out on some of the magic? You’d feel pretty silly, wouldn’t you? Here are twelve experiences you’ll regret missing once you get home.   12. Not Getting There Early The parks are generally the least crowded in the first hour ...

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11 Essentials You Should Have With You In Disney Parks

There are a lot of packing lists floating around internet, offering plenty of advice on what to pack for a Walt Disney World vacation. However, much of those packing lists focus on what kind of clothes to bring. That won’t do much good once you’re actually in the parks. Here are eleven essentials to bring with you into the parks ...

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8 Things To Know About Snacks At Walt Disney World

mickey ice cream

Snacks are an integral part of a Walt Disney World experience! You can’t go on a Disney vacation and not enjoy any snacks! The only downside to snacks is that there’s so many to choose from, you can’t enjoy them all! 8. Share Snacks Some of the snacks at Walt Disney World are gigantic (I’m looking at you, Cinnamon Roll)! ...

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Do’s And Don’ts For Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Walt Disney World’s second gate opened in 1982, and has since grown to be one of the best loved and most visited parks in the world. Looking to up your Epcot game? Here are do’s and don’ts for getting the most out of Epcot. 9. Do Visit During a Festival Epcot hosts several festivals during the year. Flower and Garden ...

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10 Do’s And Don’ts For Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the ultimate Disney experience. Here you’ll find the most attractions, characters and things to see. Read on for ten do’s and don’ts for having a magical day in the Magic Kingdom! 10. Do Have a Plan It helps to have a plan in mind when you walk in. Your plan doesn’t need to be precise. Even having ...

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