8 Things To Know About Snacks At Walt Disney World

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Snacks are an integral part of a Walt Disney World experience! You can’t go on a Disney vacation and not enjoy any snacks! The only downside to snacks is that there’s so many to choose from, you can’t enjoy them all!

8. Share Snacks

Some of the snacks at Walt Disney World are gigantic (I’m looking at you, Cinnamon Roll)! In that case, you’re better off to split a big snack between a few people. That way, you won’t feel weighed down by all the food, and you’ll have room for more snacks!

7. Use the Dining Plan Wisely

You can get a water bottle or a banana using a snack credit. But you shouldn’t. Water is free and bananas are cheap, so why waste a snack credit on them? Many items available as a snack credit range from $4-6, so try to use your credits on bigger tickets items, or something the family can share, like popcorn or an ice cream sundae. That way you get the most bang for your credit.

6. Get Coffee

There is a Starbucks in all four parks, and two in Disney Springs. And you can use your Dining Plan snack credits on your favorite Starbucks drink! Whether it’s early morning or late night, load up the espresso, tap your magic band, and hit the rides!

5. Go For Seasonal

There are plenty of seasonal flavors to try around each park, but especially in Epcot. From Flower and Garden Festival, to Food and Wine Festival, to Holidays Around the World, the list of seasonal choices is pretty long! Try something new, and something you might be not be able to try on your next vacation. Enjoying seasonal flavors at every opportunity really helps you live in the moment while on vacation.

4. Go For Traditional

I think everyone should have Disney popcorn, Mickey ice cream, and a Dole Whip at least once in their lives. These are the classics. Sure, you can eat popcorn at home. But it’s better, somehow, when you’re in Walt Disney World. Classic Disney snacks are as much a souvenir as they are something to eat. Especially when you make a tradition out of it. Maybe you always have popcorn to watch the fireworks. Or maybe you always get a Turkey Leg after watching the American Adventure. Personally, I like to get ice cream from Plaza Ice Cream Parlour on Main Street before the parade.

3. B.Y.O.S.

Bring your own snacks. Yes, you can totally bring your own food into the parks with you. And you don’t even need to “sneak” it past security. Disney is cool with it. The only things you cannot bring is alcohol and glass containers, and those seem pretty self-explanatory as to why. This is a great money saving trick. Plus, you won’t have to get in a line every time the kiddos (or you!) start to get cranky. Obviously, non-perishable and non-melting snacks are best to bring. Nuts, Goldfish, pretzels, and whole fruits are great choices.

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2. Make it a Meal

This tip works for guests on and off the Dining Plan. Some snacks are big enough to count as a meal. It’s easiest to do for breakfast. If you’re not in the mood for a big breakfast, check out your resorts grab and go area for things like fruit, yogurt, and muffins. Or, if you’re visiting during Food and Wine Festival, the snacks at all the kiosks can easily be lunch and dinner. There’s no need for dining reservations or even Quick Service meals when there are so many snacks to choose from!

1. Take Pictures of Your Food

Don’t knock those who take pictures of their food. They just really want to remember it! Snacks play a big role in our vacation memories. Surely you want to remember how messy your toddler got after his first Mickey ice cream bar. Or the ice cream cone as big as your daughter’s head? Taking pictures will be the best way to remember those moments, and relive them when your family is grown up. Or maybe you love the artistic plating of a snack from Food and Wine, take a picture of it to recreate at your next party! Plus, food makes great props for your instagram feed.

What are your favorite snacks at Walt Disney World? Let us know!

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