8 Rookie Mistakes People Make at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

5. Not Prepared for Kali River Rapids

I once rode Kali with a jovial man who wore white shorts and claimed to “never get wet.” Needless to say, he went over the waterfall backwards, so he was the one who got the full brunt of the water. He was completely drenched! To top it off, he had star spangled boxers under his white shorts. And we all know what happened to white fabric when it’s wet. Do yourself a favor and don’t ride Kali River Rapids unprepared. Bring at least flip flops and dry underwear. But I always bring a full change of clothes, because I hate walking around all wet! Also important, bring Ziplock bags to store all your electronics! There are lockers available, but bring the bags just in case the lockers are full, or not working (as was the case on my last visit). Being prepared means you can enjoy the attraction without worrying about your phone/camera/tablet, or walking around the park with wet shoes afterward.