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Disney’s Purging Itself of “Useless” Employees. Here’s Who’s Getting Axed First.

sorcerer mickey with axe disney's fantasia

The Walt Disney Company is ridding its hallways, corridors, theme parks, and studios of useless, unnecessary, and unwanted employees in a wave of massive Disney layoffs, and details are just coming to light. RELATED: Here’s Hoping These “Useless” Disney Cast Members Are the First To Go On Tuesday, an exclusive report shed some of that light on Disney’s plans concerning ...

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“Harry Potter” & “Star Wars” Actor Dead at 56

darth vader ewok harry potter death star

An English actor best known for his work in Harry Potter and Star Wars productions has died. He was 56. On Thursday, March 16, Grant reportedly collapsed outside King’s Cross Station in London and was found unresponsive. According to reports, the actor was declared brain dead at the scene and was transported to the hospital, where he began receiving life support care. Grant ...

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Disney Park Revives Guest-Favorite Attraction on May 1

disney parks rides

One Disney Park is reviving a Guest-favorite thrill ride, beginning on May 1, 2023. Disney Parks are unique in a thousand ways–one of those ways being the number of varied options when it comes to rides, attractions, and entertainment. Many theme parks say they have something for every member of the family, but Disney takes it one step further by ...

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You Might Be a Disney Parks Fan, But You’re No “Firesheets”

earth with mickey mouse ears and disney castle and mission: complete words

A Disney Parks enthusiast with an appetite for adventure and an apparent immunity to jetlag has achieved a goal that many fans thought would prove to be the impossible feat. RELATED: Those “Disney Adults” Are Awful Human Beings. And Some Are Barely Human at All Nathan Firesheets is a Disney fan–specifically, a Disney Parks rides fan. Over the past few ...

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Disney, Universal Actor Reveals His Recent Battle with Stage III Cancer

sam neill black and white photo with yellow sunburst background

An actor with a 50-year career that includes roles in Disney and Universal films just revealed he recently battled cancer. In his new memoir, which will be released later this month, New Zealand actor Sam Neill reveals he was recently diagnosed with stage III blood cancer, specifically Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AITL). In a recent interview, Neill said he began to ...

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Attraction Dismantled by Crane at Orlando Theme Park Following Tragic Teen Death

tyre sampson orlando freefall drop tower ride icon park

The dismantling of an Orlando-area theme park attraction has begun, following a tragic accident in 2022. On Wednesday, a crane began the process of breaking down the massive Orlando FreeFall drop tower attraction structure at ICON Park in Orlando, located approximately 15 minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort. The decision to remove the structure was made following the tragic ...

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Disney World to Celebrate Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary, IF the Park’s Still Open By Then

disney world animal kingdom expedition everest ride bright orange sunset

The Walt Disney World Resort is prepping to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom next month. That is, if the theme park is still operational by then. Earlier this week, Disney Parks made several exciting announcements about new additions and experiences coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in the coming weeks and months, including ...

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