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CONFIRMED: Disney Reveals the Look of a Brand-New ‘Tangled’-Themed Attraction Coming Soon to Disney Park

rapunzel tangled lanterns disneyland paris

Disney has just revealed the look of a brand-new Tangled-themed attraction under construction at Disney Parks, and the new Disney experience is going to be gorgeous! Talk of a ‘Tangled’-Themed Attraction For Years In 2022, Disney Parks fans heard the first mentions of an exciting new attraction inspired by Walt Disney Animation’s 50th feature-length animated film, Tangled, which debuted in ...

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‘Good Morning America’ Shares an Exclusive Look at the Newest ‘Bluey’ Episode, Debuting This Sunday

bluey the sign

Good Morning America just shared an exclusive first look at the newest episode of Bluey, set to debut on Sunday, April 14. A ‘Bluey’ Announcement That Thrilled Fans Online communities have been abuzz about the newest 28-minute-long episode of the children’s series Bluey since news first broke about plans for the release of a half-hour-long installment, coming to Disney+ on ...

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Highly Anticipated Half-Hour Episode of ‘Bluey’ Debuts on Sunday. What Are the Show’s Creators NOT Telling Fans?

disney bluey ghostbasket bluey home for sale

The months-long wait is almost over, as the highly anticipated half-hour episode of Bluey debuts on Disney+ this Sunday, and diehard fans will finally get to see if their theories about the meaning behind “The Sign” were correct–and discover what else the creators of Bluey are hiding in the newest episode. Related: CONFIRMED: Half-Hour Episode of ‘Bluey’ is Coming. Here’s ...

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Florida Politics: Universal Studios & Disney Guilty of “Pay-For-Play” and We’re Not Talking About Lightning Lane

political parties universal disney

Florida theme parks have been giving perks of all kinds to Florida lawmakers, and lawmakers return the favor in various legislative forms. But everything comes at a cost, and in this “pay-for-play tradition,” who ultimately pays the price? Florida theme parks are reportedly notorious for doling out freebies to legislators in the Sunshine State. Free hotel accommodations, free meals at ...

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Mickey Mouse Finds a New Home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the Fun Begins in November 2024

mickey in brazil

Mickey Mouse and The Walt Disney Company have found a new home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, beginning in November 2024, and Disney has told fans simply to “save the date” for the exciting new “Disney Experience.” Disney’s Exponential Growth The Walt Disney Company, the global entertainment behemoth, is known for its enchanting films, wonder, imagination, and storytelling prowess across the ...

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