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Disneyland Competitor Sells Every Last Asset to Investment Firm For an Undisclosed Sum

pacific park santa monica pier

On Thursday, a Disneyland competitor announced its plans to sell to an investment firm that will infuse millions into the park’s food offerings, entertainment, attractions, and general operations. Santa Monica Amusements LLC, the company that operates Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier in California has announced the sale of Pacific Park to an investment firm, SC Holdings. The firm plans ...

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Resurgence of Reports Claim ‘Bluey’ to Be Cancelled as Producers Face Outrage

bluey cancelled?

A resurgence of reports is claiming after just three adorable seasons, the award-winning Australian children’s show Bluey is reportedly being canceled, and the response has been understandably emotional. Now, producers of the fan-favorite show are responding to the outrage over Bluey‘s apparent demise. Success No One Could Have Imagined When Bluey, which was originally commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and ...

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106-Year-Old Woman Finds Her Passion For Disney Late in Life–and Celebrates With a Trip to Magic Kingdom!

106 year old woman visits disney world

A 106-year-old woman who’d never been to a Disney park in her life finally discovered the magic of Disney–and decided to celebrate her birthday at Magic Kingdom! Is there anything more magical than enjoying a celebration at Disney World? Whether it’s a holiday, an anniversary, a special achievement, or a birthday, there’s just something about celebrating at a Disney park ...

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Prosecutors File 60 New Charges Against “Disney Cast Member” Suspect in Madeline Soto Murder Case in Orlando

stephan sterns madeline soto case kissimmee florida

Sixty new charges have been filed against Stephan Sterns, the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of 13-year-old Madeline Soto, but not for her murder. WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.  State Attorney’s Office Files New Charges Prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office for the Ninth ...

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Disney-Owned ABC Sees the Highest Viewership of This Event in Four Years

oscars on abc

Disney-owned ABC Television is celebrating a big win as the network saw its highest viewership of the Academy Awards in four years. The 96th Academy Awards On Sunday evening, most of Hollywood turned out for the 96th Academy Awards, an annual ceremony that honors excellence in cinematic achievements across some of last year’s most popular films. Late-night talk show host Jimmy ...

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Johnny Depp in Demand: Studio Contracts to Pay Actor $10,000 for Each Word He Speaks in Film

johnny depp film roles

For many directors, casting Johnny Depp in a feature film role is an achievement that signals success in their own careers, and one director was so pleased to land Depp that the studio paid the actor $10,000 for every word he spoke during the film. Related: Actor Keanu Reeves Takes Iconic Role from Johnny Depp in Multi-Billion-Dollar Film Franchise What began ...

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