An Often Scary Day of Treatments Turns Into a Day of Disney Magic at AdventHealth for Kids in Orlando

disney princess hospital visit
Credit: Disney Parks

It started like any other day of treatments for patients visiting Orlando’s AdventHealth for Children, but thanks to the magic of Disney, the day quickly became so much more!

Patients at AdventHealth for Children in Orlando recently got to experience their very own dose of Disney magic as before their very eyes, an ordinary day at the hospital turned into an exciting fairy tale adventure that included a Disney Princess-themed celebration, Princess ballgowns, and more.

disney princess hospital visit

Credit: Disney Parks

It was surely an event fit for royalty as Disney magic made it possible for several hospitalized children to enjoy an exciting Disney Princess-themed celebration.

During the party, patients received Disney Princess dolls and plush toys from the Disney Store, as well as books from Disney Publishing, and even a special new delivery of beautiful Starlight hospital gown and pant sets inspired by fans’ most beloved Disney Princesses, including Tiana, Ariel, Mulan, Cinderella, and Belle.

disney princesses

Credit: Disney

One Disney Princess even showed up for the celebration!

“After the stressful week we had, this was the biggest blessing,” said Iris, the mom of one of AdventHealth for Children’s patients. “The moment she put on the gown, she said, ‘Mom, I’m a princess.’ It’s amazing to now see her happy, relaxed and motivated.”

Five Disney Princess Gowns: Endless Memories & Positive Changes for Kids Who Are Hospitalized

Is there anything more beautiful than a Disney Princess ballgown–especially for a young Disney fan? Probably not. That’s why when a delivery of gorgeous Disney Princess ballgown-inspired nightgowns arrived at AdventHealth for Children in Orlando, young recipients couldn’t help but feel that unmistakable Disney magic.

Per Disney Parks Blog:

[The Princess ballgowns] help patients feel like their favorite Disney Princess while taking on their treatments, alleviating stress and bringing new, happy memories for families during a hospital stay – even if just for a moment.

Just Imagine! A Surprise Visit From a Disney Princess!

Imagine being a child and the joy that seeing a beloved Disney princess would bring! That’s exactly what happened during the exciting fairy tale celebration as Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast surprised young patients with books and shared inspiration with them to help them discover their strengths and the importance of their own stories.

disney princess hospital visit

Credit: Disney Parks

“Every kid should be able to feel like a Disney Princess or superhero,” Iris explained. “It makes the hospital experience less scary, [and] it makes the kids feel comfortable.”

Disney Has Long Been Committed to Children’s Hospitals 

This particular experience is just one example of the many ways that Disney is working to help reshape and reimagine the experiences children have when they are hospitalized. But it’s not a new initiative for the company.

disney princess hospital visit

Credit: Disney Parks

The Walt Disney Company has continued its commitment to children’s hospitals around the world–and to the young patients who are admitted for treatment in them. It’s a commitment that began decades ago–and one that Disney has no intentions of ending. It’s part of some of the most important work and efforts promoted by The Walt Disney Company.

“Being able to take patients away from the scariness and uncertainty of the hospital setting is really magical, and it’s cool that we’re able to partner with Disney in doing that,” said Casey Lashely, one of AdventHealth for Children’s Child Life Specialists. “Bringing that joy is huge. By doing that, we’re able to help normalize this environment as much as possible for patients. It helps them in their healing journey to be able to have something else to focus on.”

starlight logo

Credit: Starlight Children’s Foundation

This special event marks Disney’s most recent collaboration with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to provide various programs to kids across the country who are hospitalized or going through treatments at medical facilities.

Their programs are designed to help little ones as they navigate the emotions and stress of being in the hospital.

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