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Following Disney’s Lead, Other Big Studios Pull Theatrical Releases From Russia

Turning Red, The Batman, Morbius

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is still going strong, but its economy is taking a massive hit. A number of companies have stopped all business dealings with Vladimir Putin and Russian businesses until troops withdraw from Ukraine. Some major companies halting business in Russia are Coca-Cola, Fed-Ex, and UPS. Multiple countries have also imposed massive sanctions on Russia. Some of those ...

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After Issuing Statement on Ukraine, Fans Demand Disney Condemn Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay Bill”

Disney Pride

For the past week, all the world has been focusing on is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Just days ago, Vladimir Putin sent tens of thousands of troops into the neighboring country, and Ukraine is actively battling to keep control. Many companies have spoken out against the Russian invasion and have stopped doing business with them. There have also been numerous ...

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Melissa McCarthy Was Shocked She Got Ursula Role Instead of Lizzo

Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy

All the way back in 2016, Disney announced that they were developing a live-action remake of the classic film, The Little Mermaid. The remake was just one of many remakes Disney was going to remake. Disney has also remade Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, The Lion King, and Mulan, among others. Details on The Little Mermaid were scant, but over time, it ...

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Disney Releases Statement on Crisis in Ukraine

walt disney company headquarters

Less than one week ago, Vladimir Putin instructed hundreds of thousands of Russian troops to invade the neighboring country of Ukraine. While the movement started off slowly, the Russian army has advanced and is now in the capital city of Kyiv. Russian troops have bombed buildings, including hospitals. The world has been standing with Ukraine, with many businesses refusing to ...

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