After Fans Speak Out, Disney Park Brings Back Mickey Waffles

Disneyland Paris Mickey Waffles
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There are some foods that just seem to be symbolic to certain places — hot dogs at baseball stadiums, popcorn at movie theaters, and dole whips and Mickey waffles at Disney Parks and Resorts. Mickey waffles aren’t just your ordinary waffles, they are crunchy and soft and chewy, and since they are Mickey-shaped, calorie-free (or so we tell ourselves as we reach for our third one). Mickey waffles are beloved by legions of fans across the globe and, for some, it’s not a true Disney vacation if they don’t get their Mickey waffle.

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Recently, Disneyland Paris stopped selling Mickey waffles, replacing them with Poffertjes — a miniature Dutch pancake. While the pancake fit in better with the theme of the Old Mill — the restaurant where they are served in the Park — many were upset to see the iconic food disappear from the menu. While Disney is usually always incredible with its theming and Guests love it, sometimes they are willing to sacrifice the theme for the food they love.

Credit: DLP Report Twitter

Well, it seems that Disney has listened to their fans and has acted accordingly. On November 19, DLP Report tweeted that Disney had decided to once again bring Mickey waffles back to Disneyland Paris.

Good news: Disneyland Paris has reached out to say that they will aim to bring back Mickey Waffles at Disneyland Park next week at a new, yet to be disclosed location.

While the DLP tweet was correct in saying that Mickey waffles would be returning, they were incorrect in saying that Disney would bring them back next week. Mickey waffles actually returned to the theme park the very next day! DLP Report was on location and noted how popular the waffles are now that they have made their Disneyland Paris return.

They’re back! Mickey Waffles have returned at a new location: the Ice Cream Company counter on Main Street! They’re very popular:

As you can see, there was a huge line at the Ice Cream Company as people happily waited to get their fresh, hot waffles.

Sometimes, it seems as though Disney doesn’t always listen to what Guests want, even though it is impossible to please everyone, but it is great to see that they have heard Disneyland Paris Guests and brought back the incredibly popular food item.

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