Actor Tim Allen Talks About New ‘Home Improvement’ Spinoff Show

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Actor Tim Allen continues to steer a successful career in Hollywood, and at the age of 70, there still seems to be no stopping the actor who has portrayed such memorable characters as Mike Baxter, Buzz Lightyear, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, and, of course, Jolly Old St. Nick. And if you think Allen is any closer to talking about retirement, forget about it, as Allen is now looking forward to a possible reboot of his popular 1990s sitcom,Ā Home Improvement.

Tim Allen Is Open to Home Improvement Spinoff

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ABC’s “Home Improvement”

Itā€™s been over 20 years since the ABC television series HomeĀ Improvement signed off one final time. In the 1990s prime-time series, actor Tim Allen plays Tim Taylor. The sitcom follows the story of Tim and his wife Jill, played by actress Patricia Richardson, as they raise their three boys, Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and Mark (Taran Noah Smith). Richard Karn plays Tim’s assistant, Al Borland, and together, they host a television show called Tool Time.

Actor Earl Windman played the role of the Taylors’ next-door neighbor, Wilson, who serves as the voice of wisdom when a member of the Taylor family faces a decision or a problem.

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Home ImprovementĀ debuted on ABC on September 17, 1991, and its final episode aired on May 25, 1999. A total of 204 half-hour episodes were filmed and aired as part of the sitcom series.

A “Home Improvement” Spinoff Wouldn’t Be the First Cast Reunion

Now, Tim Allen is talking about a newĀ Home ImprovementĀ spinoff show–one that may incorporate his daughter’s acting talents as well.

But it wouldn’t be the first time some of the team from ABC’s Home ImprovementĀ joined forces again in a new endeavor. Tim Allen and Richard Karn recently reunited for a new show on the History Channel calledĀ More Power, which functioned a bit like a new take onĀ Home Improvement.

richard karn tim allen more power television show

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More Power takes a unique look at tools–everything from a run-of-the-mill handheld thing-a-ma-jig to much more powerful and industrial tools. In each episode of the History Channel series, Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back in the workshop yet again. But some episodes also feature the Tool Time duo taking viewers on trips around the country to meet various skilled and talented craftspeople.

“Home Improvement” Series Could Star Tim Allen’s Real-Life Daughter

In a recent interview, actor Tim Allen discussed his thoughts about aĀ Home Improvement spinoff show that would pick up years later for the Taylor family–and include part of Tim Allen’s real-life family, namely, his daughter, Elizabeth, who made her acting debut in Season 1 of Disney’sĀ The Santa Clauses on Disney+.

The Santa Clauses' revives the Tim Allen holiday franchise on Disney+

Credit: Disney+

Elizabeth Allen-Dick, the real-life daughter of Tim Allen, plays Allen’s onscreen daughter in the festive Santa series, which debuted in November 2022. Allen-Dick plays Sandra, Santa’s teenage daughter, who lives at the North Pole with her father, her brother Cal, and her mother, Carol, played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell. Allen-Dick reprised her role in Season Two of The Santa Clauses, which debuted on Disney+ on November 8.

Allen recently admitted during an interview that having his daughter join him in the series has been a “catastrophic blessing.”

“I mean, it was really by mistake,” he explained. “I really just wanted as a surprise to her, have [Elizabeth] be an elf, so that she’s in this series and wave at me, and as the union said, ‘If she speaks, it has to go to SAG, and we’d have to audition it.'”

Tim Allen Dreams Up a 'Home Improvement' Spinoff Featuring His Daughter

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Now, however, the father-daughter duo may have a new project up their sleeves, as Tim Allen has begun talking about a reprise of theĀ Home ImprovementĀ series with a spinoff show. When asked whether she could see herself taking part in a reboot of the popular prime-time series, Elizabeth Allen-Dick said, “I don’t even know; I mean, I love that show so much.”

But her dad, Tim Allen, had an idea: “Well, if one of the boys [Brad, Randy, or Mark] got married and they had a kid,” he said. “Cause it could be a granddaughter.”

Allen continued, saying, “That’s a really funny idea is if all the boys happen to have girls, so it was three girls. Wow. That was a weird idea.”

Tim Allen on possible Home Improvement spinoff

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While it’s not clear yet whether Allen is already in talks with Disney and ABC–or perhaps Disney+–for a new spinoff series, the chances are that the public reception would be positive, given the immense success of the originalĀ Home ImprovementĀ series in the 1990s.

For now, fans can catch Tim Allen and his daughter in Disney’sĀ The Santa ClausesĀ on Disney+.

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