New Location Coming to Disney Resort This Winter

Downtown Disney Coming soon
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In an exciting turn of events, a new location is set to be arriving at Disneyland Resort this upcoming winter.

The Disney theme parks and resorts are known around the world for their incredible offerings. Disney is the world’s leader in requisite rides, attractions, entertainment, and magical experiences. The Disney Resorts give fans the opportunity to enter their favorite movies and fairy tales and live a life of true Disney Park magic. In addition to theme park entertainment, Disney Resorts are also known for their top-of-the-line shopping, accommodations, and food options.

Now, fans are thrilled to learn that a new dining location is coming to Downtown Disney, located within Disneyland Resort.

Downtown Disney

Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort Receives New Addition

Earl of Sandwich, a beloved sandwich chain, has just announced exciting news for sandwich enthusiasts and Disneyland Resort visitors alike. In a recent announcement, Disneyland Resort shared that Earl of Sandwich will be opening a temporary pop-up shop in the west end of Downtown Disney District this winter. This fantastic addition to the vibrant Downtown Disney District will undoubtedly provide a culinary delight for guests seeking a delicious and satisfying meal.

Known for its incredible selection of guest-favorite sandwiches, Earl of Sandwich has gained a reputation for excellence in the world of sandwich craft. With this new pop-up shop, sandwich lovers will have the opportunity to experience the mouthwatering creations that have made Earl of Sandwich a renowned name in the industry.

Downtown Disney District, located at the Disneyland Resort, is a hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining. This bustling district provides a vibrant atmosphere for visitors to indulge in unique shopping experiences, exciting events, and delectable culinary offerings. The addition of Earl of Sandwich only enhances the already diverse and exciting dining options available at this popular destination.


Credit: Disney

A Delicious New Bonus for Guests!

Visitors to the pop-up shop can expect to find an extensive menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. From classic favorites to innovative creations, Earl of Sandwich offers a wide array of options to tantalize your taste buds. The artisan bread, flavorful meats, and fresh ingredients combine harmoniously to create sandwich masterpieces that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

The current location will remain open for the time being, meaning that the two locations will have some crossover.


The news of Earl of Sandwich opening a temporary pop-up shop in the west end of Downtown Disney District has generated tremendous excitement among sandwich enthusiasts and Disney visitors. With their renowned menu of guest favorite sandwiches and a commitment to excellence, Earl of Sandwich is poised to become a beloved addition to the vibrant culinary scene in Downtown Disney. So, if you find yourself wandering the magical streets of the Disneyland Resort this winter, be sure to treat yourself to the irresistible flavors and culinary craftsmanship that await you at Earl of Sandwich’s pop-up shop.

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