A Drunk Man Had a Virtual Chat With a Universal Team Member, and the Results Are Hilarious

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When it comes to theme parks, the big battle seems to lie between Disney and Universal. The companies have theme parks located close to each other in both Central Florida and Southern California — although the two are much closer together in Florida. The two have always competed for Guests and, while Disney has always been on top, Universal’s CEO thinks that they are slowly catching up to Disney.

Disney World and Universal have frequently been compared on nearly every level — from park ticket prices to hotel prices, annual passes, perks offered, quality of restaurants, and now, churros.


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A man took to Reddit to share a hysterical conversation he had with a Universal Team Member while drunk. According to the man — referred to as Steven in the chat — he was drunk and decided to ask a Team Member named Maria how she would rate the churros at the theme park. Maris was to use a 1 to 5 scale — with one being the worst and 5 being the best. Maria asked what they should be compared to, and Steven said the ones from Universal’s “mortal enemy” — Walt Disney World.

When you’re drunk and want to chat with Universal on the app. Maria was entertaining and deserves a churro. from UniversalOrlando

Maria didn’t miss a beat and said that Universal’s churros should be rated at about a four. The only thing that we don’t know is if she would rate Walt Disney World churros lower or higher than that.

While some Redditors said that they weren’t fans of theme park churros in general, most felt that Maria went right along with the line of questioning and that she was fantastic. Maria was called a “legend”, and others called for the fantastic team member to get a raise.

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Over the years, Disney has typically been on top of the theme park Resort food game. However, Universal has some true gems like Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, located at Universal Orlando CityWalk. Universal’s theme park food is also usually thought of as cheaper than Disney World’s, and Disney has recently gotten a lot of flack for its increased food prices and noticeably smaller portions.

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