Cast Members BEWARE: A Disney Park GLITCH Is Ridding Park Employees of a Major Perk

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Every day, Cast Members of the Disney Parks work tirelessly to keep the magic alive for Guests. Being an employee at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort is no small task. Cast Members go above and beyond daily to provide excellent service and hospitality to their Guests.

In return, you would think that Disney would offer some major incentives to their Park employees. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

One former Cast Member has discovered that former Park employees have just lost a major perk due to a glitch in the system. More Cast Members are speaking out about this troubling situation.

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Former Disney Park Cast Members Furious Over Glitch

For many Cast Members, working at the Disney Parks is a dream come true. Getting to experience working in such a magical environment makes the position completely worthwhile for many employees. Many Cast Members actually find themselves becoming lifelong fans of the Parks far past their time as a worker. Lots of them go on to become Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World Resort or Magic Key Holders at Disneyland Resort.

It was a former Cast Member and Annual Passholder who was informed of a glitch that was affecting others in their situation. The glitch has to do with making Park reservations.

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Park Reservations Cause Massive Issues

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Disney implemented the Park reservation system o help manage crowds and ensure social distancing. This system allows Guests to reserve their spot in a Disney Park before arriving. The reservation system has been integrated with My Disney Experience, an online tool that Guests can use to plan their visit to Disney World. This means that Guests need to have a Disney account and a valid theme Park admission to be able to make a reservation.

In the years following the pandemic’s outbreak, Annual Pass holders were getting frustrated that they weren’t able to make theme Park reservations on a whim like they used to. Disney has recently deemed that the reservation system is not as relevant as it once was and is allowing Annual Passholders to enter the Park without a reservation after 2 p.m.

One Annual Passholder was attempting to enter a Park at Walt Disney World Resort after 2 p.m. but was denied anyways. They reported the scenario, saying;

I was told yesterday going through the gate that I have to continue making a park reservation even if I come after 2, because apparently there’s a glitch in the system if you’re a former cast member and now an AP holder. Great job Disney IT.”

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This situation seems very frustrating, and hopefully, it will be dealt with quickly. No Annual Passholder should be rid of a major perk just because they used to be a Cast Member!

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