Disney Attraction Goes Down, Leaving Guests Stranded as Cast Members Reportedly Do Nothing

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World is officially known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, but that doesn’t stop the attractions from occasionally going down. In fact, an attraction facing technical difficulties is incredibly common, even at Walt Disney World.

But being evacuated and walked off of a Disney ride? Not so much. Unfortunately for one Guest, it was one of the only negative experiences of their recent Disney vacation:

Stuck on Everest
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In this post, the Guest in question describes visiting Animal Kingdom’s most beloved thrill ride, Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, only for their ride vehicle to get stuck as the attraction goes down.

While the roller coaster ride vehicles ahead of the Guest were able to “deboard”, their ride vehicles had to stay put while Cast Members were unable to help.

Credit: Disney

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According to an update, Cast Members were unable to help Guests escape the Expedition Everest ride for half an hour, leaving them to do nothing but wait in the hot, Florida sun.

At this time, we don’t know what caused the technical difficulty.

Expedition Everest Disco Yeti

Credit: Disney

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When attractions break down, it’s always important to stay put and wait for help. Cast Members are specially trained on what to do when a Disney ride experiences a technical difficulty.

If an attraction stops unexpectedly and nobody has come to help evacuate, it’s for a good reason. It’s either unsafe for Guests or for Cast Members.

Disney's Expedition Everest

Credit: Disney

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Walt Disney World Resort’s top priority at all times is the safety of everyone visiting and working at the Resort hotels and theme parks. So, when in doubt, just trust the Cast Members!

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