8 Things To Know About Savi’s Workshop at Walt Disney World

One of the most sought-after experiences in Galaxy’s Edge is the creation of a lightsaber.  Guests are able to build their very own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop while visiting Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  If this is something you are thinking about doing, here are 8 things you need to know before your adventure.

1. Reservations

If guests are wanting to build their very own lightsaber, they are going to want to make reservations.  Reservations at Savi’s Workshop can be made 60 days prior to check-in through the My Disney Experience website or app.  Savi’s Workshop is typically open during regular Hollywood Studios hours.  If guests aren’t able to make reservations, or once in Galaxy’s Edge want to try out the experience, there is a slight chance to do so using standby.  Although this isn’t a guarantee, some sources have reported that 1-2 standby guests are allowed each session.  Overall, if this is a must do for your Jedi we recommend getting reservations.

2. Location

As everything on the Planet of Batuu is in Aurebesh, the local language, it can be difficult to navigate throughout the land.  With Savi’s Workshop also being a secret, guests can find it difficult to find.  Savi’s is located between Droid Depot and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities as well as across from Ronto Roasters.

Savi’s Workshop

3. Cost

The cost of building a lightsaber is $219.99 plus tax.  When booking the reservation, a credit card is put on file to secure the reservation.  Once guests arrive at Savi’s they actually pay prior to entering and building their lightsaber.  Know that you will be required to supply a payment before entering the workshop itself.

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4. Entering

One of the biggest question guests have regarding Savi’s is who can enter with the reservation.  A reservation to Savi’s Workshop includes one builder and one guest.  At least one of the guests needs to be 14 years or older.  This can cause some difficulties for families with multiple kids or larger groups.  The Gatherers working Savi’s have been very strict on this as the workshop is very small with limited spots for watching.  If you have a bigger family or multiple children, you will want to make a plan for how to address this expectation.

5. General

There are also some general facts that guests need to know prior to building.  First is that builders need to be at least five years old.  This means that little Jedi need to wait until the force is stronger for them to be allowed to build.  When checking in, guests will be asked for a confirmation number, photo ID as well as a credit card as mentioned before.  No annual passholder discount applies at Savi’s Workshop.  Finally, all builders are given a padded carrying case for their lightsaber following the building experience.

Savi’s Workshop

6. Choices

Each builder has to make decisions about the design of their lightsaber.  Prior to paying, guests choose from four available hilts.  The four themes are the following:

  • Peace and Justice
    Salvaged scraps from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships in these Republic-era designs honor the galaxy’s former guardians.
  • Power and Control
    Originally forged by dark side warriors, this style features rumored remnants from the Sith homeworld and abandoned temples.
  • Elemental Nature
    This theme embodies the Force—an energy created by all living things, like Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones and Rancor teeth.
  • Protection and Defense
    Hilt materials bear mysterious motifs and inscriptions that reconnect users with the ancient wellspring of the Force.
Savi’s Workshop

This choice is made prior to heading into the workshop.  There are pieces and examples outside that guests can look at to help with their choices.  Once inside, guests are also given a box with parts that they can choose from. Each box of parts includes:

  • 1 hilt
  • 4 sleeves (pick 2)
  • 2 emitters (pick 1)
  • 2 pommel caps (pick 1)
  • 2 sets of activation plates and switches (pick 1 set)

These choices allow each builder to create and design a special and unique lightsaber just for them.

7. Kyber Crystal

Finally, one of the most important parts of building the lightsaber is choosing the heart of the lightsaber in the kyber crystal.  Builders can choose from red, blue, green and violet.  This important choice will help bring the lightsaber to life and help the Jedi connect with their lightsaber.

Savi’s Workshop

8. Additional Parts

Following the building of the lightsaber, guests can choose to add parts and customizations.  These options can be found next door to Savi’s Workshop at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.  One of the items builders can choose to purchase is additional kyber crystals.  This is a fun way to continue to make the lightsaber unique to each builder.

Savi’s Workshop

Being able to build your own lightsaber is a unique experience guests can only experience in Galaxy’s Edge.  These 8 points will help you be more prepared and better equipped to build, design and bring to life your lightsaber.

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