8 Odd Reasons to ALWAYS Bring a Toothbrush to Disney Parks

Mickey Mouse with Toothbrushes
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It may be a Disney World tip you’ve never heard of. But the toothbrush can be a very powerful tool. In fact, it’s one item you should have on your list of theme Park necessities, along with sunscreen, water bottles, hand sanitizer, and a backup battery for your phone.

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Sound too crazy to be true? It’s not…it’s what they call progress!

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1. The Obvious


Credit: Disney

Let’s begin with basic dental hygiene. After a day (or just a few hours) of drinking soda, enjoying Dole whip, eating churros, or even consuming non-sugary food items at the Magic Kingdom Park can leave a layer of film on your teeth. So not only will a toothbrush provide you with a quick and easy way to brush up between meals, but it can also help get the taste of acid reflux or vomit or of your mouth if you had a bad experience on Space Mountain or indigestion.

2. Prepping for Pictures

Memory Maker Family Photo

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The bristles on a toothbrush can do wonders for quick touch-ups. Whether using it as a fast way to groom eyebrows, take care of hair flyaways, or even eyelashes – it can be a helpful aid when prepping for pictures. Let’s remember that in addition to heat, humidity, and sweat, there are water rides, Florida rain, and other elements that may affect one’s physical appearance.

3. Keeping Clean


Credit: Disney

This is only to be used if you aren’t planning to brush your teeth – but its tiny bristles and scrubbing power can also be used to keep many things clean at the parks. Scuff marks (or gum) on your shoes? You can use a toothbrush to clean it. Crumbs on the stroller you brought or rented? Brush them off with a toothbrush. Spill ketchup or another condiment on your shirt? Treat it and scrub it in the bathroom with a toothbrush. Gunk on your jewelry? Use a toothbrush to clean it up! You can even use it to help clean or dry off your Magic Band or Walt Disney World ticket.

4. Revive Velcro

children wearing Disney merchandise

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Velcro works by tiny hooks latching onto little loops (in fact, the generic term is “hook-and-loop fasteners”). But the hooks and loops can attract hair, lint, and dust, making them not function as well. So if you’re velcroing shoes, backpacks, pockets, or anything else while in a Disney theme Park – a toothbrush can help ensure your velcro keeps working properly.

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5. Shoe Grips

Our Secret Weapon for Disney World Is This Must Have Shoe

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Nothing is worse than slipping and falling while stepping off Pirates of the Caribbean or Jungle Cruise. Although the water in these rides can be the culprit, so can dirty shoes. Try this Disney tip: take a toothbrush to the soles of your shoes and brush away dirt and other debris. This will make them much more effective at keeping their grip as you walk along wet surfaces from rides or the rain.

6. Splinter Saver

Swiss Family Treehouse

Credit: Disney

Have you ever had a splinter? If there’s one thing a Disney Park has, it’s a lot of wood. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Tom Sawyer Island, and the queue for the Jungle Cruise are all potential opportunities to get a splinter stuck into your finger (and that’s just at Magic Kingdom). Although Walt Disney World may try its hardest to prevent these painful memories, it’s still possible. There are several other places throughout Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT where a sliver of rough wood can find you. But if you have a handy toothbrush, you can run its bristles under warm water and soap and rub the area gently. It will help disinfect the wound while bringing the splinter to the surface so you can remove it more easily.

7. Lips and Nails

disney animated little mermaid ariel ursula 1989

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A toothbrush can also be a valuable beauty tool. Giving your lips a quick brush at the Park will help exfoliate them and eliminate dead skin. Similarly, you can use the tiny brush bristles to clean your fingernails and remove old nail polish, especially near the cuticles.

8. Give it As a Gift

goofy, minnie, mickey, pluto, donald

Credit: Disney

This one may sound a little odd…but hear me out. Disney characters at theme parks often accept gifts from Park Guests. Traditionally these may be things such as cards or pins. But you could just as easily give Goofy a toothbrush. Why not? He’s got teeth. The character may get a kick out of it, especially if you can tie it into a specific reference such as P. Sherman Wallaby Way.

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Many of these ideas can be employed when visiting Disney World theme parks or Disneyland Resort theme parks. Honestly, you can apply all them to a visit at any theme Park – except maybe giving a toothbrush as a gift to a character. But who knows? Give it a try! The only problem is possibly having to explain to security why you have a backpack full of 10 toothbrushes. But that’s a Disney experience we can save for another article…

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