5 Disney Movies That Should’ve Had a Sequel (And 5 That Shouldn’t Have)

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There’s a certain rush that comes from writing an article that I know will be controversial. So let me begin by apologizing if I offend anyone’s Disney movie preferences. This is purely my opinion, and we all know that Disney has never listened to my opinions anyway! I think we can at least all agree that not all of Disney’s movies have been huge hits – especially when it comes to sequels. But in this post we’re going to go through some of the movies I believe Disney should have continued with its story and some that should have been made into a sequel.

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Should Have Been Made Into a Sequel

INSIDE OUT – Pictured (L-R): Joy, Sadness. ?2015 Disney?Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Inside Out: We love a good Pixar cry, don’t you? This movie wrecked me. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and saw so much of myself in Riley, maybe it’s because I’ve never gotten over Bing Bong. Either way, I believe Inside Out would have made a fantastic sequel. At the end of the film, Riley is about to go through puberty. This would have been fantastic to watch. I would love to see Riley as a teenager and Mom and Dad trying to figure out how to relate to her again. The guys up in headquarters would have been hilarious, too. We get a glimpse of what could have been in the short Riley’s First Date, but it’s just a tease!

Moana: This one is simple: I want to see Moana as a ruler. And I want to see all of the places the village travels and discovers in their voyaging. A sequel would have been great for us to watch Moana grow up into her own even more. How often does she get to see Maui? Do they go on adventures still? My guess is probably but I want to experience it with them! Plus, more music by Lin-Manuel Miranda? Yes, please!

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Raya and the Last Dragon: I still have hope for this one. Similarly to Moana, I would love to see Raya rule with her father now that dragons are back in the equation. The possibilities in a sequel to this one are endless. Not only would it be cool to learn about all of the different types of dragons and get to know Sisu’s family, we could also explore the relationships between the different tribes.

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Zootopia: I would LOVE to see Nick and Judy ruling the streets of Zootopia. There are so many avenues this could go. I’m sure there’s more crime to be thwarted in Zootopia, which means there is plenty of material for a sequel! Honestly another Zootopia movie could just be two hours of Nick and Judy chatting and I’d be happy.

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Big Hero 6: Yes, yes, there was a TV show. But I’m not counting it. Big Hero 6 is an incredible film. It is unique and beautiful and emotional. But it’s the origin story. Now that the gang are full fledged heroes, we need to see them in action! Think of all the cool tech Hiro still has to make and all of the doors Baymax has yet to fit through!

Should Not Have Been Made Into a Sequel

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Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas should never have happened, in my opinion. It doesn’t make any sense within the context of the story. In the weird holiday sequel, the Prince is a Beast again but he and Belle are together but the some of the furniture residents don’t like her now. It’s all very strange and I don’t really count it.

Tarzan: Not only did Tarzan have Tarzan II but it also had Tarzan and Jane. Yikes. Tarzan II was a prequel with a weird monkey guy that I don’t really remember. And Tarzan and Jane was about their one year wedding anniversary for some reason. It wasn’t even the same cast! They both went straight to video and it’s clear why…

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Cars: Some people really love the Cars sequels, but I am unfortunately not one of them. The second Cars movie focused on Mater being an international spy. The thing about this movie that I did love was how beautiful it was. Pixar’s depiction of Europe was gorgeous. But the plot? Not as gorgeous. I never saw Cars 3 and don’t even get me started on Planes.

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Pocahontas: Oh Pocahontas 2… This sequel to the beloved film brings Pocahontas to England as an ambassador of her people. She travels with her new love interest John Rolfe. But who does she run into while in England? None other than her long lost love John Smith! Who will she choose and how many historical inaccuracies can we cram into 72 minutes? Okay so that’s a little harsh, but it was not a good film.


Mulan: I think Mulan 2 was basically an excuse to have Mulan and Shang get married. The movie focused on their relationship and the relationship of the Emperor’s three daughters with Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po. Everyone falls in love and the empire is saved again and they all live happily ever after. Oh, also Eddie Murphy didn’t come back to play Mushu so that just feels wrong.

Special shoutout to Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Frozen for giving us truly amazing sequels that we desperately needed and lived up to the first.

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