10 Things That Can Waste Your Time At Walt Disney World

10. Having multiple table service meals in one day

This point is entirely my opinion, and to some guests this may not be a waste of time. For me personally, I would rather spend my time experiencing everything else that Disney has to offer outside of restaurants. I love Disney food as much as the next person, but table service dining can be time consuming.


9. Not purchasing tickets ahead of time

Buying your park tickets ahead of time will save you time when you get to the parks. If you already have your tickets, you can skip the lines at the ticket windows and head right for the entrance!

8. Not using Fastpass+

Even if there are no Fastpasses available for the really “big” attractions, getting whatever you’re able to get wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ll probably end up doing Pirates of the Caribbean anyway, so why not get a Fastpass for it?

7. Meeting the same characters in the parks as in restaurants

If you have a character dining reservation with the princesses, it would be a waste of time to wait in line for these characters in the parks. You’re already paying more to meet characters while you dine, so it may not be wise to spend time waiting in line to meet the same characters in the parks.

6. Getting to the parks late

Understandably, you might want to sleep in on vacation, however getting to the parks too late in the day can end up wasting your time (and money!). If you’ve already purchased a park ticket, then time is money, and you’re losing both of those things by arriving to the parks late in the day. By arriving later you might end up with longer wait times as well, compared to if you experienced certain attractions earlier in the day.

5. Researching what there is to do while already at the parks

Doing your research before a trip to Walt Disney World is super important. It is a much better use of your time to research the parks before your trip and have some idea of what you’d like to do before you arrive. This way you do not spend time in the parks learning about what there is to do when you could be doing it.

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4. Poor planning in the transportation department

If you’re looking to save time, make sure you’re planning your transportation wisely. For instance, after the post-Happily Ever After rush leaving the Magic Kingdom, it might become clear that you’re not going to get on the first or second monorail to the Contemporary. If this resort is your destination, consider walking. The walk is very short, and while you may not want to be on your feet any longer, you’d still be on your feet waiting for the Monorail so this is not a bad option. If you’re leaving Hollywood Studios and heading to EPCOT, taking a bus over the boat will save you time. The boat stops at the resorts, and the bus goes directly to the park. The Skyliner is also a quick option for those staying at Skyliner Resorts.

3. Going back and forth across the parks

For the average guest, it is a waste of time to do the parks “out of order.” It doesn’t make sense to do half of World Showcase, go back to Future World to ride Soarin, then go back to World Showcase, and back to Future World to ride Spaceship Earth. Sometimes things like dinner reservations and Fastpass+ times will have you going back and forth in a way that’s slightly out of your control, but in general I find it to be a waste of time to walk back and forth between different areas of the park. Do everything you want in one park then move on to something else—you’ll have more time to experience everything you want to see, and your feet will thank you.

2. Arriving too early for certain shows

While there are some shows that you need to arrive early for (Fantasmic) there are also some shows that you can arrive close to show time and still have a great seat. While the line opens up an hour before most shows start, you really only need to be there 20-30 minutes before. Many of the stadiums or performance theaters hold hundreds if not thousands and there is not really a bad seat. Rather than spending an hour waiting in line, show up 20-30 minutes before, and you’ll still have a great view of the show and an extra 30 minutes to do something else. Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical are two examples of this.

1. Certain attractions at certain times of day

Some attractions typically only have long wait times during certain parts of the day. This means that you would be wasting time by experiencing these attractions during the times when their wait times are highest. One instance of this is Spaceship Earth. Guests in EPCOT usually ride Spaceship Earth on their way into the park in the morning. Wait until later in the day and you’ll ride with little to no wait. Another example might be Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. If you are unable to score a Fastpass, head to this attraction first thing in the morning. While you’ll still have to wait, but the time will not be nearly as long as it will be in the middle of the day.

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