10 Best Quick Eats at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Dining

Everyone needs to eat, and one of the most exciting times to eat is during a Disney World trip. After all, Disney World is chock full of amazing dining opportunities, and taking advantage of a few of these is definitely a big part of making any trip complete. That said, you may sometimes prefer not to slow down in order to eat. There’s so much to see and do that stopping to fill your belly can feel like a waste of time, meaning you’re going to want to find some grab-and-go options. One of the parks with the very most to see and do is Magic Kingdom. Therefore, this is one place you’ll want to have your super quick food options in mind coming in. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research for you. Compiled below is a list of the top ten grab-and-go food options in Magic Kingdom.


1. Hot Dogs (Various Locations)

Perhaps the most obvious super fast food is the traditional hot dog. After all, what could be easier to eat while still being so filling? Fortunately, there are tons of places to find all-beef hot dogs in Magic Kingdom. Try one of these locations the next time you need to curb your craving quickly:

2. Breakfast Sandwich (Westward Ho, Frontierland)

Looking for a quick and filling breakfast option? Westward Ho has you covered. The amazing breakfast sandwich at this counter-service location is the perfect option for getting in plenty of protein for a great start to the day and plenty of energy to last until lunch.

3. Sandwich (Main Street Bakery, Main Street, U.S.A.)

Of course, if sandwiches are your thing, you could always stop by Main Street Bakery. This location has tons of sandwich options. Many are breakfast sandwiches, making this the ideal breakfast stop. However, some are what one might consider lunchtime sandwiches, meaning there is something to munch on no matter when you visit.

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4. Chicken Breast Nuggets (Various Locations)

One thing you’ll find pretty consistent throughout Disney World are their chicken nuggets. Luckily these are delicious, meaning we don’t mind that they’re such a staple in the parks. Not only are these nuggets yummy, they’re also super easy to carry around, making them ideal to eat while watching the parade or waiting in a queue. Best of all, these little morsels of chicken are super easy to find. Check out the following locations for some nuggets of your own:

5. Chili Queso Fries (Golden Oak Outpost, Frontierland)

A relatively new offering at Golden Oak Outpost, the Chili Queso Fries might be a bit messier than most of the foods on this list, but they are well worth the mess. The tasty cheese sauce blends just perfectly with the beef chili, making a wonderfully hearty snack or meal that you can eat on the go if you so choose.

6. Loaded Tots (The Friar’s Nook, Fantasyland)

This is another messy option that is so tasty you won’t mind using a few extra napkins. The loaded tots at The Friar’s Nook come in three different flavors: Buffalo Chicken, Greek, and Fiesta. All are good, but the Buffalo Chicken is our favorite!

7. Ham and Cheese Pretzel (Cheshire Cafe, Fantasyland)

Stuffed pretzels have been in the Magic Kingdom for a long time, but for some reason they have a tendency to wander from restaurant to restaurant. This can be frustrating for those of us who are fans of this tasty snack. The stuffed pretzels’ most recent hideout just so happens to be Cheshire Cafe and features a ham and cheese stuffing. It’s just enough to fill your belly, and travels quite well.

8. Turkey Leg (Turkey Leg Cart, Frontierland)

Turkey legs are a classic Disney snack that everyone should give a try at least once. Because it is literally a giant piece of meat, you can count on one of these giant drumsticks to keep you full for quite some time, making it a good option for a quick meal.

9. Corn Dog Nuggets (Casey’s Corner, Main Street, U.S.A.)

By far the best place to get a hot dog in Disney World, Casey’s Corner also has another amazing food up its sleeve: corn dog nuggets. Not very many things are better than a corn dog when you need something quick to eat. However, if you remove the sticks and make them bite sized, this traditional theme park food becomes even better. Go ahead and try them for yourself!

10. Waffle Sandwich (Sleepy Hollow, Liberty Square)

Last but not least, we simply must mention our very favorite grab-and-go snack: waffle sandwiches from Sleepy Hollow. Whether you choose the sweet fruit sandwich, the savory chicken sandwich, or the tasty breakfast sandwich, you’re sure to be very pleased with this quick-service option that is perfect for taking on the go.

Which of these super quick foods is your favorite? Give them all a try and discover for yourself just how good fast food can be!

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