Would You Rather…? Walt Disney World Style!

Credit: Disney Parks

Planning a trip to Disney World is full of difficult “would you rather?” questions. Find our answers to some of these—as well as the reasons for our choices—below, and then try answering them yourself.


1. Would you rather spend a day at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?

Choosing which of the two Disney water parks to visit is always tricky. Honestly, they’re both wonderful, and depending on who you ask, you’ll get differing opinions on which is best. Today, we’ll go with Blizzard Beach for its Lazy River and kid’s area. However, we could change our minds tomorrow.

2. Would you rather have table-service restaurants every day or spend more time in the parks?

This is a hard question that almost all Disney vacationers must ask themselves. For us, the answer is more dining experiences. Why? Because Disney Parks are tiring and Disney dining is amazing. Booking some awesome table-service options gives you a chance to cool off and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks while still having fun. That said, we wouldn’t blame anyone for choosing the option of more park time.

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3. Would you rather take the monorail or the ferry boat into Magic Kingdom?

Hmm…this is another one where we have trouble choosing. Most days, we end up riding the monorail because it’s faster, and who doesn’t want to get into Magic Kingdom more quickly? That said, there are times when the relaxing and scenic ride offered by the ferry is welcome. We’re going to leave this one up in the air and let you decide for yourself what kind of mood you’re in.

4. Would you rather visit Disney Springs or Disney’s Boardwalk?

Disney Springs! Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little fun on the Boardwalk. That said, Disney Springs is much bigger and offers much more in the way of entertainment and dining options. Therefore, if choosing between the two, we will almost always pick Disney Springs.

5. Would you rather spend more days at Disney and stay off-site, or spend fewer days but stay in a Disney hotel?

This age-old question is one that you have to answer for yourself. Some people argue that less time spent entirely in the “Disney bubble” is more worthwhile; others think that the more Disney time they can get, the better—no matter where they’re sleeping at night. We tend to fall into the latter camp, but we can definitely see the other side of things, because Disney resorts are amazing.

6. Would you rather eat lunch or dinner at Be Our Guest?

Be Our Guest is easily one of the most fun dining locations in Magic Kingdom. It’s a great place to eat for absolutely any meal, but lunch and dinner do offer two completely different experiences. During lunchtime, the eatery is a quick-service location. Guests wait in a line to order at a kiosk and food is quickly delivered to their table. That said, real dishes and silverware are still used, and the service is excellent. Dinnertime is a sit-down table-service meal that includes fancy French cuisine. Diners can meet with the Beast after their meal, making it extra special. Which is better? Well, we like lunchtime because of the lower price point and quick service that gets us in and out quickly, and we like dinner because of the exclusive experience. If we had to choose just one, we would have to go with dinnertime, but lunch is a perfectly valid choice.

7. Would you rather spend a morning or an evening in a Disney park?

Morning and late evening are the two best times to be in any Disney park. The crowd levels tend to be on the lower side during these times, and the weather is almost always cooler. The morning has a super fun energy to it, while the evening is more laid-back. The time of day you like more will depend completely on your personal preferences. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you like excitement or a more relaxed vibe? We tend to prefer evenings ourselves, but that could be completely different for you.

8. Would you rather spend each day in one park or go park hopping?

Many people wonder whether they should purchase a Park Hopper pass. In our opinion, the answer depends on how long you’ll be in Disney World. If you have enough time to spend at least an entire day at each park, skip the Park Hopper and give each park the full day it deserves. Hopping only uses valuable time for no real reason. On the other hand, if you’ll only be in Disney for two days and you want to see all four parks, the Park Hopper will be useful to you. Once again, this is a matter of personal preference, but we choose to skip park hopping in almost every case.

9. Would you rather see “Fantasmic!” or “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” Fireworks?

One of the biggest choices a person has to make when visiting Hollywood Studios is which nighttime show to see. The park has two main night shows, and both are wonderful. “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” fireworks are gorgeous, and because they’re set to Star Wars music, they’re tons of fun for Star Wars fans. Meanwhile, “Fantasmic!” uses music, lights, water, fire, and projections to tell a story. We definitely choose “Fantasmic!” out of the two, but if you have two nights at Hollywood Studios, using one to see the Star Wars fireworks wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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