Woman Disney-bounding as Elsa makes magic for young fan as she leaves the park

woman with little girl at magic kingdom
Credit: WDW YouTuber/@trishalou_official

True Disney fans understand that anyone is capable of making magic for someone else while they’re enjoying the parks. Stories about making and sharing the magic are often posted on social media about Guests who do selfless things like purchasing Mickey ears just to give them away to the next child they encounter in the parks.

Just last month, the Guest in this video stood in line for more than four hours to get a Figment popcorn bucket and then purchased only two of them–one for his mother for her birthday and one to give away to someone at the very end of the hours-long line of Guests just waiting to buy a bucket. He made the magic happen for a total stranger.


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Now that’s true Disney magic, and seeing such a selfless act like this often restores our faith in our fellow man. We’ve come across another story of a Guest making magic for someone in the parks, and it just melts our hearts. Just watch!

In this beautiful example of kindness, a woman had spent her time at Magic Kingdom that day as Elsa. She hadn’t worn an Elsa costume, as adults aren’t permitted to wear costumes in the parks. But the woman was Disney bounding as Queen Elsa. (Disney bounding is a fun way to dress up as your favorite Disney or PIXAR character without wearing a costume.)

woman and little girl at magic kingdom

Credit: WDW YouTuber/@TrishaLou_official

The woman nailed it with her Disney bounding ensemble that day because that evening, just before the park was about to close, a mother approached the woman and asked her for a huge favor.

minnie mouse disney bounding outfit

Credit: DisneyBound

inside out disney bounding outfit

Credit: DisneyBound

The mother told the woman that her daughter believed her to be Queen Elsa. It was the family’s last day in the parks, and Queen Elsa was nowhere to be found. So even though Disney’s rules prohibit Guests from impersonating a character (by wearing costumes and also pretending to be Cast Members who work as characters), the Disney-bounding Queen Elsa just couldn’t refuse the little girl.

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“I don’t think Mickey will mind just this once,” the voiceover in the video says.

woman and little girl at magic kingdom

Credit: WDW YouTuber/@TrishaLou_official

The pretend-Queen Elsa posed for photos with the two little girls. You can feel the magic as you watch the video. And though the whole exchange only lasted a few minutes, the magic that the woman brought to those little girls that evening will be with them for a long time!


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