Woman Reportedly Dies After Eating at Popular Disney World Restaurant

Woman dies of allergic reaction Raglan Road Disney Springs
Credit: Disney

One of the great things about dining at Walt Disney World Resort is that each and every restaurant is very accommodating to different types of dietary restrictions. Disney prides itself on the fact that guests with allergies or things like diabetes or celiac disease, can find many things they can eat on their vacation. Disney chefs will also rework dishes on the menus to make them allergy or dietary-friendly.

Unfortunately, one family is claiming that a Disney restaurant’s negligence caused the death of a beloved wife and daughter.

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant at night

Credit: Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

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According to a newly filed lawsuit, the family of Kanokporn Tangsuan is claiming that the woman suffered from a fatal allergic reaction after dining at the popular restaurant, Raglan Road, in Disney Springs.

The family says that Ms. Tangsuan had a severe allergy to nuts and dairy. When they spoke to their waiter at Raglan Road, they said that Ms. Tangsuan made these allergies very clear. The waiter even went over the menu with them, so they knew which dishes she could safely order and which ones to stay away from.

Fish and Chips

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Ms. Tangsuan then ordered the broccoli and corn fritters, the vegan shepherd’s pie, scallops, and onion rings. When the food arrived, Ms. Tangsuan again confirmed that the food was free from nuts and dairy. She was told that it was, and she ate her meal.

ā€œWhenĀ theĀ waiterĀ returnedĀ with Kanokporn Tangsuanā€™s food,Ā someĀ ofĀ theĀ itemsĀ didĀ not haveĀ allergenĀ freeĀ flagsĀ in themĀ and Kanokporn Tangsuan and Jeffrey PiccoloĀ onceĀ againĀ questionedĀ theĀ waiter who,Ā onceĀ again,Ā guaranteedĀ theĀ foodĀ beingĀ deliveredĀ to Kanokporn TangsuanĀ wasĀ allergenĀ free….”

ā€œDisney advertises and represents to the public that food allergies and/or the accommodation of persons with food allergies is a top priority at its parks and resorts, including Disney Springs and that patrons/guests may consult with a chef or special diets trained Cast Member before placing an order.”

Raglan Road

Credit: Disney

While the Walt Disney World website does say that its chefs will work with guests to make allergy-friendly meals, it also makes clear that there is only one kitchen, and they cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. That note is at the bottom of the page as you look at Raglan Road’s menu.

Guests must speak to a cast member about their allergy-friendly request. While we take steps to help mitigate cross-contact, we cannot guarantee that any item is completely free of allergens. Our allergy-friendly recipes may use highly refined oils, such as soybean oil, and/or ingredients that are processed in facilities that also process allergens. It is ultimately our Guests’ discretion to make an informed choice based upon their individual dietary needs. For more information about allergy-friendly requests, ask to speak with a Special Diets Trained Cast Member upon arrival at the location.

Raglan Road

Credit: Disney

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The lawsuit goes on to say that, after dinner, Ms. Tangsuan’s husband went back to their hotel with the leftovers, while his wife and mother went shopping in Disney Springs. The two women reportedly split up, and it was during this time that the unimaginable happened.

Approximately 45 minutes after eating her meal, Ms. Tangsuan was in Planet Hollywood when she began to have a medical episode. The lawsuit states that she collapsed in the store because she was experiencing an allergic reaction. She gave herself a shot from her EpiPen, but it was too late. Ms. Tangsuan was transported to the hospital, where she later died.

Disney Springs

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The medical examiner lists Ms. Tangsuan’s cause of death as “anaphylaxis”. According to the Cleveland Clinic, anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can only be treated by taking a shot of epinephrine. However, the person must then get to an emergency room as quickly as possible.

The lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 in damages for the wrongful death of Ms. Tangsuan. It names both Disney and Raglan Road. Even though Raglan Road is located on Walt Disney World Resort property, Disney does not own it. The restaurant is owned by John Cooke and Paul Nolan.

Neither Disney nor Raglan Road has responded to the lawsuit.

Do you think Disney does enough to accommodate guests with allergies? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This is a case of the guest not paying attention to what they got. Typical of people these days be caught up in something else and not paying attention.

    • How did she not pay attention? It states in the story she asked over and over making sure it fit her allergy needs. Sounds like the waiter and or the chef dropped the ball…

  2. 45 + minutes later with severe allergies to said foods just doesn’t sound right. BTW they state only one kitchen and the possibility of cross contamination.

    • I also wondered about the time difference between the meal and the episode. I truly know nothing about allergic reactions and if they are so sudden that there is no time to use the Epi Pen. I hope someone will clarify.

      • Per Mayo Clinic
        Anaphylaxis symptoms usually occur within minutes of exposure to an allergen. Sometimes, however, anaphylaxis can occur a half-hour or longer after exposure. In rare cases, anaphylaxis may be delayed for hours.

  3. I have medical issues and every time I have eaten at a sit-down restaurant and inform the waiter of my needs, I have had the chef come out to talk to me sounds as if the waiter missed talking to the chef for the customer.

    • I was going to say the same thing. At Disney restaurants the Chef comes out to discuss your dietary needs and is very detailed with you about it and how they can accommodate you. Something doesn’t sound right if a Chef didn’t come out.

      I also have a severe allergic reaction to a food and I have even called ahead to address my concerns about cross contamination. Many times I have skipped eating somewhere because of the risk factor

  4. I feel horrible about this. They have always done a fantastic job of making sure that everyone gets what they can eat safely. My friends daughter has a severe allergy to eggs and nuts. It was not only noted on their reservation, but I had her father speak to every server and all of the chefs came out to speak with both of them to ensure they got it correct.
    The father said he never worried one bit, and praised the staff for such wonderful service.

  5. 45 minutes seems excessive amount of time to have a reaction. My daughter is allergic to tree nuts and her reactions are immediate. Either way, I hate it for the family.

  6. Something seems off. As the parent of a child with a severe peanut allergy, & a class parent, any allergic reaction Iā€™ve ever seen, has been almost instantaneous, not almost an hour later. Something else had to happen. Maybe she touched something that was contaminated. There has to be some kind of an investigation. And not for nothing, the deceased life is ONLY worth $50k? Seems like a very specific dollar amount to me. Very fishy.

  7. The time doesn’t seem right. Forty five minutes is a long time after finishing the meal. It is usually immediate, probably during the meal.

    • Per Mayo Clinic dot com
      Anaphylaxis symptoms usually occur within minutes of exposure to an allergen. Sometimes, however, anaphylaxis can occur a half-hour or longer after exposure. In rare cases, anaphylaxis may be delayed for hours.

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of that person, but the reality is that you can’t expect to have other people watch out for your health and health issues or the food you eat, especially if you have food allergies to certain types of food. My take on this that the responsibility of your health and what you eat is on you, not on the restaurant, the chef or the waiter.

  9. A few years ago, I ate at Beaches and Cream; I ordered from the allergy menu, and when my food came out, I confirmed with the server that it was the allergy friendly version. Halfway through the meal, the server came over and apologized, said it was the wrong food! Of course, I became horribly sick afterwards. Most of the restaurants in Disney are great about allergies, that was the only time I had a problem. Fortunately, my allergies are not deadly, but it made for a miserable day.

  10. This states she was in Planet Hollywood? Is that another restaurant???? So, could the allergy have happened there? But why was she there after she had already eaten???? This story is not adding up…

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