Woman Claims Disney Refused to Step In and Stop Animal Abuse

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Days visiting the Disneyland Resort can be long ones. Many people love to get there when the Park opens and stay until after the fireworks or until Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park close. That can equal about 14 hours or more in the Parks. During such a long day, many of those people wouldn’t think of leaving their beloved pet in the car while it sat in the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

However, according to one TikToker, that’s exactly what one Guest did, and Disney security did nothing to help the pup.

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TikToker _princessdanni took to the social media platform to share that she and her party got to the Disneyland Resort around 8 o’clock in the morning. She was in the Parks all day and when she came back to the parking garage, she saw a dog in a car in the Preferred Parking area. The dog saw her approach the car and excitedly went to see her. She asked for TikTok’s help in finding the owners of the car and calling them out about leaving the dog in the vehicle all day.


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Some defended the dog being in the car, saying that it wasn’t hot that day at the theme park and that Danni didn’t know how often the family had been back to check on the dog. Others said that it didn’t matter if the dog had been checked on. They thought that it was wrong that the dog was kept in such an enclosed space all day, and they also wondered how the dog would be able to use the bathroom.

Many told Danni to tell security. In a follow-up video, Danni said that she did reach out to Disneyland security, but they did nothing to help the dog or find the owners of the vehicle.


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In a final post, _princessdanni shared that she had left a note on the car, calling the Guest “a piece of s**t” for leaving the dog alone.


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Some users tagged Disney, asking them to explain why they didn’t try to help the pooch. Others cited the Good Samaritan law, which would have legally allowed Danni to break the window and help the dog if she thought it was in danger.

Before the COVID-19 closure, Disneyland Resort had a kennel available for Guests to drop off their furry friends. The Disneyland kennel has not opened back up, and many speculate that it won’t. Disney has not confirmed that the kennel is permanently closed.

Disney security has not responded to the claims that they left the dog, and we do not know if the owners of the car were ever found.

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