Why You Should Add Seeing a Disney Broadway Musical to Your Bucket List!

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If you love Disney movies, we recommend you add seeing a Disney Broadway Musical to your bucket list! If you’ve never seen a musical before, a Disney show is a great place to begin. From casting and music to the costuming and goosebumps inducing moments, we are huge fans of Disney on Broadway. If you love live stage shows in the Disney Parks, you will love a Disney Broadway Musical.

Do you groove along with Simba and his friends at A Celebration of Festival of The Lion King in the Animal Kingdom? Maybe you love seeing Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you love these shows or any number of other shows in any of the Disney Parks, this article is for you. Join us to learn why you should add seeing a Disney Broadway musical to your bucket list.

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Great “First” Show

Maybe you are a little nervous about diving into the world of Broadway Musicals. After all, if you have never seen a Broadway show, the process of buying tickets, choosing seats and learning about theater etiquette can seem daunting. Whether you are seeing your first musical on Broadway in New York City, or are planning to see a show on tour, a Disney musical is a great start.

You will understand the backstory of the show and if you have questions, you can access the customer service that Disney is famous for. Head to to look at frequently asked questions, learn more about the theater you will be visiting, and to have access to a Disney theater expert that can answer your questions and make suggestions. When my friends mention a hesitation to see musicals and worry they will feel out of place, or will not be interested in the show, I recommend they break into the world of Broadway through the familiar story of The Lion King, Aladdin, or Frozen.

Aladdin West End

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Excellent Casting

One of the most amazing parts of live theater is watching an actor or actress transform seamlessly into their role. From Mary Poppins to Jasmine, Pumbaa or Tarzan, I have consistently been amazed with the expertise of Disney casting over the years. As with any Broadway musical, shows come and go over the years. Beauty and the Beast was the original Disney Broadway Show. It opened on April 18, 1994, and ran for over a decade before leaving Broadway in July 2007.

In fact, Beauty and the Beast still holds the record as the sixth-longest running Broadway show of all time. With The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and Frozen following in preceding years, there has been no shortage of Disney movie magic on the Broadway stage. The Lion King and Aladdin are currently in residence on Broadway in New York City at the Minskoff and New Amsterdam theaters, respectively. Frozen is currently touring North America.


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To watch performers temporarily transport an entire theater of people away from their lives and into the story on the stage in an incredible experience. Watching your favorite movie characters come to life on stage is such a unique experience for kids and adults alike. That said, it does not get much sweeter than watching little ones light up when they watch Simba and Nala pounce on stage or get to hear “Let It Go” live on stage.

Being nestled in the seat of the theater and losing touch with the world is an awesome experience. I’ve been transported into the  into Beast’s castle, under the sea, to the African pride land, and the Agrabah Market all thanks to the talent of the performers and the immersive experience the Disney creates on stage.

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The vocal talents of performers are emotion inducing and incredible to say the least. Get ready to experience goosebumps on repeat during your Disney Broadway musical. Seriously, the vocal talents of the performers are beyond belief. Truthfully, Disney musicals have brought a tear to my eye many times. Call me a Disney nerd or Broadway junkie, but I can’t help getting emotional when hearing Belle belt out “Home” or Aladdin croon “Proud of Your Boy”. The Disney Musical Tarzan that ran 2006-2007 even featured performers singing while swinging through the trees onstage, sometimes even upside down during big musical numbers. That takes some serious talent, folks!


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It’s not surprising that the music is a huge part of the reason you should see a Disney Broadway musical. The way musicals tell the story through song is awesome. We all have our favorite Disney songs from classic movies. Obviously “A Whole New World” from Aladdin is a classic, “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King is incredible and “Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins is a fun song.

That said, one of the awesome parts of Disney on Broadway is getting to hear new songs that are not included in Disney movies. “He Lives In You” in The Lion King, “Somebody’s Got Your Back” in Aladdin and “The World Above” in The Little Mermaid are some of our favorite non-Disney movie songs that are showstopping numbers in the musical. Additional musical numbers that you are not expecting are an added bonus and a way to see a Disney favorite with a fresh spin.


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Amazing Costumes and Effects

In true Disney fashion, the Walt Disney Company finds a way to make great shows even more unforgettable. Disney show costuming and special effects are next level and will ensure you leave the theater amazed. Each Disney musical has its own little wow factor that theater patrons remember.

The stunning magic carpet in Aladdin. The breathtaking costume design of the animals in The Lion King. The way Mary Poppins flies over Guests in the theater at the show’s conclusion. The fluid water-like movements of the sea creatures in The Little Mermaid thanks to roller skates on stage. And of course, the acrobatic stage show that is Tarzan, are all ways that Disney goes above and beyond with special effects to set the stage for the story.

The way characters hold space on stage through creative movement, unexpected show details and innovative costuming makes a big impact and stand out in the minds of Guests. Seeing a Broadway Musical is always a special experience, but Disney on Broadway is next level quality and just plain magical.

Jade Ewen Aladdin

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Seeing a Disney musical in New York City on Broadway, or on tour in a city near you, is an excellent idea. We love that Disney Musicals provide an opportunity for you to engage with favorite characters and stories outside the Disney Parks. Plus, who wouldn’t love an opportunity to experience one of your favorite Disney stories again, in a new way? There are so many reasons why you should add seeing a Disney Broadway musical to your bucket list!

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