Why September Just Might Be Disney’s Most Important Month of 2023

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The fall is approaching, and it’s game time for the Walt Disney Company.

There is no denying that this has been a somewhat turbulent year for the Walt Disney Company. Between the strikes in Hollywood, the lawsuits in Florida, and the ongoing “war on woke,” 2023 will certainly not be looked back on as one of Disney’s smoothest years. As the year creeps to an end, it is make-or-break time for the Walt Disney Company.

Right now, the country is going back to school, so the Parks are slowly but surely getting less and less busy. However, this does not mean that the pressure is off for Disney. In fact, September is looking to be one of Disney’s most significant months of the entire year.

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Why Fans Need to Be Tuning in This Month

Nearly every facet of the Walt Disney Company is experiencing an important occasion this month. The first major announcement is coming in just a few short days, on September 5. 

All summer, Disney Cruise Line has been teasing information about their new ship, the Disney Treasure. Whether it be ominous maps or teaser trailers, Disney has clearly been trying to ramp up the excitement for the new vessel. Unfortunately, last week’s reveal was thwarted by Hurricane Idalia. Now, the presentation is set for this upcoming Tuesday.

Another major event is happening just a day later, on September 6. It is no secret that Disney has had a tough year when it comes to their theatrical releases. Films like the new Indiana Jones and Haunted Mansion did not help prove to the world that Disney has what it takes to stay at the top of Hollywood.

However, this next week, Disney will be given the chance to prove if they can dominate in the world of streaming. On September 6, the live-action The Little Mermaid will be swimming onto Disney+. Disney is hoping that this release will boost membership and prove that the film was a huge success after all.

The Event on Everyone Disney Fan’s Mind

However, there is one event that is truly one of the most important things to happen all year long. On September 8, 9, and 10, Destination D23 will be taking place at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World Resort. This D23 expo is the largest Disney fan event in the world, and it is notorious for being a time when Disney dropped some major news about the future of the company.

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If you are a fan of Disney, you will want to tune in on these three dates to stay in the know about all the happenings of the Walt Disney World Resort.

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