What to Do When You Go Too Hard at Disney World

Go TOO Hard At Disney World

Between the Florida heat, rope drop mornings, miles of walking, and late nights watching fireworks, a Disney vacation can take its toll. Many of our articles preach the importance of slowing down to take breaks, buffer your Disney Park days with time outside the Parks, and getting plenty of rest. That said, relaxing on a Disney trip is not always as easy as it sounds.

You want to get the most fun for your time and money, and with fun attractions around every corner, you may be tempted to push yourself. After all, a Disney World ticket costs a premium, and snagging a Park pass can get tricky.

What happens if, despite your best efforts, you go too hard in the Parks and find yourself sore, sunburned, injured, or just exhausted the next day? This Disney World tip article is all about bouncing back after a long, hard day. All Disney fanatics have been there, so today we are talking about what to do when you go too hard at Disney World.

Hydrate with Liquid IV


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The heat and time in the sun can take a lot out of you. Particularly if you are not accustomed to long hours in the sun, you must be careful to hydrate properly and frequently before, during, and after time in the Florida sun. If you had an especially long Disney Park day, you are likely dehydrated. So spend the following day trying to catch up on hydration by avoiding sodas and sipping all the water.

Liquid I.V. Hydrate powder is a great hydration boost in a mixable powder form that can easily be added to bottled water. Liquid I.V. will help kick up your hydration efforts.

If you’ve gotten sunburn during your Park day, be sure to properly treat the inflammation with an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Take care not to re-burn vulnerable skin by avoiding the direct sun when possible and by covering and wearing sunscreen when you are out in the pool or Parks. Aloe Vera is a great addition to a first aid kit, but can also be purchased in your Disney Resort gift shop if needed.

Antibiotic Ointment and Band-Aids


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Miles of walking (even in proper shoes) can result in foot tears and injuries like blisters. Take the time to properly treat any little snags, bumps, or blisters you get on your feet following a day of walking. Packing a first aid kit with things like antibiotic ointment, friction block and bandages helps make this process easy and will prevent you from further wear and tear.

If you are not used to hours on your feet, you may have back and leg aches from a day of walking and standing in ride queues. Icy Hot (or other topical pain relief), as well as ibuprofen, are great products to have in your arsenal to treat minor discomfort and swelling.

Chill in the Pool

Flippin' Fins Pool

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Sure, pool time means more time in the sun, but you can slather on the sunscreen and find a shaded area to relax at your Disney Resort pool. Getting off your feet for a while and floating in the pool is a great way to recharge after an exceptionally long day of walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom or EPCOT.

Get your 8 Hours

Arriving at rope drop means that you will see some high-traffic attractions before the crowds swell. That said, days of early morning and late nights can catch up with you and make a Disney World vacation less fun. 

If you find yourself getting more tired as your trip unfolds, take a look at your daily rhythm and consider getting more sleep. It’s completely normal to want to see and do everything at Walt Disney World on your vacation. Yes, blogs and Disney influencers will tell you how to optimize your time on the Disney Property by going nonstop. Utilizing early theme park entry each day or cashing in on an extra magic hour slot to see more is tempting. However, if you are a burned-out zombie, it’s all pointless.

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I can run on a few hours (3-5 hrs.) of sleep for around three days before the exhaustion slaps me in the face. Others will rally on very little sleep for a week, while still, other Guests won’t make it through the first day in the Magic Kingdom without a full 8 hours of sleep the night prior.

Do what works for your body and your family, and do not feel guilty about taking a morning to sleep in or returning to your Resort early. In fact, logging some extra sleep is one of the best ways to bounce back from a really long, hard day in the Parks.

Sensory Wind-Down

Interior Room

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I love scheduling rest days into my vacation following a Park-loaded day. After an intense day, you’ll be glad you planned a rest or sensory wind-down day for sleeping in, pool time, napping, or in-room Disney movies at your Walt Disney World Resort. Having the time and space to turn down the noise in your brain is so important and will help you better enjoy your vacation. I usually find that after a morning of recharging and resting at the Resort, I’m ready to hit Disney Springs for a yummy dinner in the late afternoon.

Revive with Coffee


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An article on what to do when you go too hard at Disney World would be incomplete without coffee as a line item. While there is no need to over-caffeinate, there is no denying the fact that a cup of coffee can add a bit of pep to your step. Brew up a cup of Joffrey’s coffee in your Walt Disney World Resort room, or snag some from the quick-service eatery in your Resort.

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If you have an on-site coffee shop at your Resort, it can be a great place to snag a cup of specialty coffee that will help you come back to life after a long day in the Parks. Some of my favorite Resort coffee shops are Contemporary Grounds (Contemporary Resort), La Petit Café, (Riveria Resort), and Kona Island (Polynesian Village Resort).

Eat a Real Meal

It can feel like too much work to go buy a real meal when you are worn out, but, you should resist the urge to subsist on snacks. Eat a real meal to amp up your energy and keep your blood sugar from dropping like the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We promise that a balanced meal will help you get your zest back after a long day in the Parks. Search out some healthier options on your Resort quick-service eatery menu, or get a healthy snack of fruit until you decide where to enjoy your next meal.

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It happens to the best of us. Even longtime Walt Disney World pros go too hard in the Parks and wind up with heel blisters, a sore back, and extreme exhaustion. Hopefully, this article has shown you that you can come back from a Walt Disney World slump and have so much fun on the rest of your vacation.

Take care of yourselves, folks!

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