Walt Disney World Changes Park Map

Disney Map
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Walt Disney World has made some major changes to the Park map. For many Guests visiting one of the many Parks on Resort Property, the Disney Map is an essential way for them to navigate throughout the Parks. The layout of everything can get confusing, and having a map is the only way to make sure you are seeing everything you want to see. A seasoned Disney Parks fan probably has the Disney Park map memorized, but even they check out the map within the App to make stay up to date on wait times and delays.

This is why Guests were shocked to see that Disney had drastically changed the Disney World Park map.

cinderellas castle

Park Map Gets a Massive Makeover

Walt Disney World is HUGE, and that can be intimidating for an outsider entering the Park. Between Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme Park, there is a ton of land to cover. All of those Parks have their own respective lands within them. All of the names and varying terminology can make navigating Walt Disney World stressful for a newbie.

While some Disney fans like to have a physical paper Walt Disney World map on them, many opt for the virtual map on the Disney apps. The virtual map allows Guests to see updated wait times and ride closures throughout the Parks. It also makes it much easier to see where everything is due to the incredible detail of the maps.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park Entrance

One of the coolest things about the app’s map is that it updates itself based on the time of year and what is being celebrated. Fans were surprised to see that the map has gotten a massive makeover to strip it of its 50th-anniversary looks.

The new update shows Cinderella Castle without any of the 50th accessories. It also removes the barges in the water at EPCOT. The new animation looks very crisp and dynamic. We hope that we will soon get some new updates at the Disney 100 celebration coming to Walt Disney World Resort.

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