WARNING: This Sweet Video Is Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day!

it's a small world
Credit: Disney

Nothing makes Disney fans happier than a classic, quintessential attraction. Whether that’s the Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, or “it’s a small world.”

it's a small world

Credit: Disney

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The adorable boat ride around the world has become infamous, and Guests either love it or hate it. Seeing children from all around the world and hearing as they sing the iconic, catchy song by the Sherman brothers and interact with colorful, whimsical animals is either a must-ride or a must-skip.

Despite many Guests finding the catchy, titular song more trouble than it’s worth, the ride has been replicated in Disney Parks all over the world and has become one of Walt Disney’s most recognizable creations.

it's a small world

Credit: Disney

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However, if you’re someone who loves this adorable, slow-moving attraction, then you totally need to take a moment to watch this video and sing one of the verses from the song:


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♬ original sound – Sherman the Player Piano

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If you didn’t know, “it’s a small world” written by Richard and Robert Sherman has more than one verse, although it’s difficult to tell when the children are singing in different languages.

For anyone who’s forgotten how it goes, who didn’t know there were multiple verses, or who just needs a pick-me-up, here’s the full song:

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Even if you’re not going anywhere, you can easily board the “Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed” and find yourself transported to this iconic yet divisive attraction with this song.

In case you’d like to sing along, here are the lyrics:

It’s a world of laughterA world of tearsIt’s a world of hopesAnd a world of fearsThere’s so much that we shareThat it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all
It’s a small world after allIt’s a small world after allIt’s a small world after allIt’s a small, small world
There is just one moonAnd one golden sunAnd a smile meansFriendship to ev’ryoneThough the mountains divideAnd the oceans are wideIt’s a small world after all
It’s a small world after allIt’s a small world after allIt’s a small world after allIt’s a small, small world

Which country is your favorite to see during the “it’s a small world” ride? 

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