WARNING: This Disney Resort May Leave You Feeling SICK

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This is every Guest’s worst nightmare.

Every year, millions of Guests travel to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to spend their vacation. Many of these vacationers choose to stay in a Disney Resort hotel while on vacation due to the incredible location and proximity to the Parks. Guests choosing to stay at a Disney Resort are able to select one that meets their personal needs and price point. Those Guests looking to have an incredibly luxurious vacation are willing to shell out the big bucks on deluxe rooms. Unfortunately, the high price point does not always guarantee a good experience.

A Guest has just made an alarming report that they have felt ill after a stay at an award-winning “ultra-modern Disney Resort hotel.”

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Deluxe Hotel Provides Less Than Satisfactory Stay

There are three types of Resorts on Disney’s property; Value Resorts, Moderate Resorts, and Deluxe Resorts. These three categories are how Disney differentiates their accommodation options so Guests can find what best suits their needs and budget. Of the three tiers, the Deluxe Resorts are by far the nicest and most expensive options on the property.

disney's contemporary resort

One Guest was staying at a Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World Resort when they, unfortunately, became ill from the decor of the hotel room. The Resort in question is Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This luxury hotel has a modern look to it, and while many Guests like it, this Guest claims that the rooms left them feeling dizzy. They explain;

“Contemporary Resort rooms make me dizzy. Its weird I know, but I was wondering if anyone else here has felt the same way?? it’s only when I’m sleeping there and first wake up; makes me feel soooo motion sick. Could be the colors and the way the room slants but just curious if anyone else has dealt with this?”

contemporary resort room

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This discovery is definitely startling to hear. While every Guest is sure to have a different experience, this might be something to consider when picking a hotel. For those who are sensitive to bold colors, the Contemporary Resort might be one to avoid.

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