Walt Disney World vs. Amusement Parks

Have you ever met a person that insists they “don’t like Disney World” even though they’ve never been there? Usually their explanation is somewhere along the lines of, “I don’t like amusement parks.” An explanation that seems fair enough until you consider what Disney World actually is. You see, the Disney parks are much more than your typical amusement park. They are theme parks that are head and shoulders above places like Carowinds or Six Flags. Wondering what it is that sets Disney theme parks apart from amusement parks? It’s all in the details—these details, to be exact.

1. Incredible Theming

Disney knows how to do theming right. They hide amazing little details around every corner and dive deep into the magical worlds they create to make them look and feel as realistic as possible. From the costumed employees to the buildings and even right down to the sidewalks, everything fits perfectly into the theming of the area, meaning you are transported to different places and times as you walk through the parks.

2. Storytelling Rides

That amazing theming doesn’t stop once you hop on an attraction. In fact, the story gets even more rich as the ride takes you on a journey. Whether you’re riding the back of a banshee on Pandora, following the seven dwarves to their mine, or playing midway games in Andy’s room, you are part of the story.

3. Detailed Queues

In addition to the amazing rides themselves, the queues for these attractions are also pretty cool. In fact, if you pay enough attention, you’ll likely realize that the story of any given ride actually begins in the queue. To make things even better, many of these queues include interactive elements, making them super entertaining and a special part of the Disney World experience.

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4. Beloved Characters

Sure, some traditional amusement parks might have a character or two once in awhile, but only a true theme park has beloved childhood characters behind every door and around every corner. There are always Disney characters to meet and greet in Disney parks, and that’s something you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

5. Themed Dining Experiences

Another place where the incredible theming can be found is in dining establishments. The restaurants throughout the parks and even the resorts offer some truly amazing dining experiences, and everything from the food and staff to the decor and ambiance are carefully considered to make these experiences possible. This ability to step into a completely different time and place to eat a meal is something that is uniquely Disney.

6. Amazing Customer Service

Part of the identity of Disney World is that it’s a magical place. The entire theme is built around this premise, and because Disney World is so true to its theme, they have to make a point of making things feel as magical as possible. In many cases, the best way to do this is through positive interactions with customers. For this reason, you can always count on Disney to provide superior customer service unlike anything you’d ever experience at an amusement park.

7. Interactive Activities

As a part of transporting guests to the magical and sometimes impossible worlds of their creation, Disney also provides plenty of interactive activities. These include such games as “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” as well as a Jedi Training Academy, a fossil dig site, and astronaut training. Kids adore these interactive activities, and some adults get just as excited as the little ones.

8. Awesome Performances

Last but not least, we must mention the performances found throughout Disney World. These are some seriously high quality performances unlike any found at any amusement park in the country. Some include a seriously talented cast of singers and dancers, while others feature amazing fireworks displays that are far beyond anything anyone might expect from even the most elaborate 4th of July displays.

Clearly, Disney knows what they’re doing when it comes to entertainment, giving them a leg up in the world of amusement parks. Anyone who visits will see this, and even the most avid amusement park hater could fall head over heels in love with Walt Disney World Resort. After all, it is the most magical place on earth.

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