Walt Disney World Introduces Holiday “HORROR” With Unsettling New Addition

Scary Christmas Decoration
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Walt Disney World Christmas decorations bring the magic of the holiday season to life in a truly enchanting way. From the moment you enter the parks, you are greeted with a festive atmosphere that immerses you in the spirit of the Holiday season. Every corner is adorned with shimmering lights, colorful ornaments, and iconic characters dressed in their holiday best.

However, it’s not all merry at the Disney Parks this year. In fact, some fans are feeling unsettled by a new Disney decoration.

How Do They Do It: Magic Kingdom Goes From Spooky to Jolly as Christmas Officially Kicks off at Disney World

Credit: Disney/ Canva

The Holidays Are Underway at Disney

Each park within Walt Disney World Resort has its own unique touch when it comes to Holiday decorations. At EPCOT, the World Showcase is transformed into a winter wonderland, with each country showcasing its own traditional holiday customs and decorations. From the towering Christmas tree in Germany to the enchanting storytellers in Norway, there’s something truly captivating about experiencing the holiday traditions from around the world.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the holiday decorations take on a wild twist. The park is adorned with a combination of natural elements and whimsical decor, creating a festive atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of nature. From intricately carved animal-themed ornaments to larger-than-life animal topiaries, the attention to detail is truly remarkable.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings a touch of Hollywood glam to its Disney Christmas Decor. The streets are lined with vintage-inspired wreaths and garlands, reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. The centerpiece of the park’s decor is the towering Christmas tree at the entrance, covered in shimmering lights and sparkling ornaments. It’s a sight that instantly transports you to the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood. At Magic Kingdom Park, Cinderella Castle is adorned with decorations. The entire park looks absolutely magical and resembles a perfect Christmas Day.

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Some Decorations Leave Fans Less Than Thrilled

However, not all of the resort’s decorations leave fans feeling magical. In fact, one decoration has elicited an incredibly negative response from fans.

One of the most popular forms of holiday decorations is the Christmas tree. Walt Disney World Resort is home to numerous large Christmas trees throughout the parks. These trees are covered from trunk to tip with beautiful ornaments, lights, and decorations. Underneath the tree, presents and toys are there to make the Christmas season of giving come alive for every guest. However, this year’s tree features one toy that no one wants to see.

Fans online have had quite the reaction to a creepy doll seen nestled under one of Disney’s trees. To many fans, this doll looks like something out of a Halloween horror movie!

Fans are perplexed by Disney’s choice to have such a spooky-looking decoration up in a Disney Park or Disney Resort. If more fans complain about this doll, it is easy to imagine that Disney may decide to remove it altogether.

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