Walt Disney World Currently a Ghost Town? Not Quite…

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We know the past few years have been really strange, but we mean it when we say that this past year has been a strange one for Walt Disney World. As in, the crowd level followed a very strange pattern this year.

For example, earlier in the summer, you could expect anywhere from moderate crowds to heavy crowds…except on the days you can almost always count on.

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Memorial Day and Fourth of July, two of the holidays that are most notorious for heavy crowds, were…kind of lacking. This year, the worst days to visit turned into the best days to visit.

Even now, it seems that the crowds are ramping up again even as the kids return to school. If you’ve noticed this as well, you’re not alone! Fans in online communities have brought up the fact that the average crowds are still going strong even as we enter the back-to-school season.

What Does the Latest Data Have to Say About This?

The latest info from Thrill Data shows the highest wait times from this past Wednesday, and the results are nothing short of shocking:

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As you can see, these are some incredibly high wait times for the middle of the week in the beginning of the school year. Of course, that’s because the school year begins on different dates depending on where you are.

In Central Florida, the kids have already begun going back to school. But in the Northeast (New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut areas), the kids haven’t begun going back to school just yet.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World, Truly?

In fact, it’s a bit of a tradition to plan the family Disney vacation around this time of year in the Northeast. And that’s just in the United States!


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In other countries, school starts later in the year, making it the perfect time of year for a Disney vacation. Theoretically, anyways. In actuality, we may be seeing a shift in what are considered the “best days” to visit Walt Disney World.

Main Street

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That being said, once everyone actually returns to school, Walt Disney World Resort may experience a very brief respite before the crowds ramp up again for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day holiday crowds.

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