Disneyland… Oklahoma? Viral Post Leaves Guests Confused

Disneyland Oklahoma
Credit: Disney/US State Department

In 1955, Disneyland Park opened in Anaheim, California, and the theme park industry was completely changed. Since then, Disney has expanded across the world, opening theme parks in Orlando, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Paris. They are some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and Disney has become synonymous with happiness and magic.

One place you will NOT find Disneyland is in the place where the wind comes sweeping down the plains — Oklahoma. But one possible Wikipedia entry has left fans confused and laughing.

Disney discrimination

Credit: Disney

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An image of the entry was shared on Reddit, where it quickly went viral. It says that Disneyland was founded by Zachariah Smith in 1987. Smith was able to call it Disneyland because Walt’s original patent had misspelled his theme park as “Diisneyland.” Unfortunately, Smith’s Disneyland was destroyed by the International Space Station in 2022.

Disney Oklahoma…
byu/Global-Technician-26 infunny

Commenters loved the post and had fun with it. Many joked that The Walt Disney Company had destroyed the fictional park on purpose, because you don’t mess with the House of Mouse.

For a moment, before my brain went with this being entirely fake, i briefly considered the plausibility that disney really is petty enough to crash the ISS to keep its IP… because that’d be more realistic than Disney losing the lawsuit.

Even though Disney does not currently have any plans to build a new resort in Oklahoma, the Sooner State is not planning on remaining completely theme park-free.

American Heartland

Credit: American Heartland

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According to reports, there are currently plans in place to build a 1,000-acre park near Vinita, Oklahoma. The park will rival the size of both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The park will be called American Heartland and is expected to open sometime in 2026. Like Disney, it will feature a number of “lands” — Great Plains, Bayou Bay, Big Timber Falls, Stony Point Harbor, Liberty Village, and Electropolis.

American heartland

Credit: American Heartland

American Heartland will also have a 300-room hotel, an indoor water park, as well as a campground that can accommodate up to 750 RVs and will have 300 cabins guests can enjoy.

What makes the American Heartland theme park particularly interesting is that it is being created by more than a dozen people who used to work at The Walt Disney Company. Many of them worked there for decades in areas like land planning, entertainment, creative entertainment, and Imagineering. You can see the complete list here.

Would you like to see another Disney Resort in the US? Where do you think it should go? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If they get it built, I hope everyone uses the turnpike between Tulsa and Vinita instead of driving right through my town. Traffic is bad enough already.

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