Video Resurfaces: Man Jumps Out of Spaceship Earth at Disney

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Credit: Disney

A visit to Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT is not complete without a visit to the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction. But one video is resurfacing of a Disney Park guest making the poor choice of jumping out of the ride vehicle to sit with an animatronic.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

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The nostalgic Spaceship Earth attraction not only serves as the iconic focal point for EPCOT, but it also features a time-traveling experience that Disney fans can’t get enough of. As you disembark on the time travel ride, Guests explore the history of human communication from the Stone Age to the computer age.

One guest experiencing the attraction made the decision to get out of the Spaceship Earth ride vehicle to sit with an ancient Greek educator during the ride experience.

The video that @pharmd23 shared on social media of the Spaceship Earth guest a year ago in November 2022 has resurfaced. Check out the video in the tweet below:


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According to the comments in the post, apparently, Spaceship Earth was momentarily paused when the guest decided to exit the ride vehicle to visit one of the attraction’s many animatronics. It’s not uncommon for the attraction to stop mid-ride for slower-moving Guests to enter and exit the attraction.

Spaceship Earth
Credit: Disney

We can immediately think back to the cucumber incident when a Guest jumped out of a ride vehicle to grab a cucumber while riding EPCOT’s Living with the Land attraction. Sadly, a decision such as this can easily result in being banned from Disney Parks.

Disney describes the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction experience with:

Back to the Beginning: Witness the landmark moments of amazing innovation that made today’s spectacular communications technology possible.

Travel back to the dawn of humanity, when early man painted on cave walls. Watch new ideas spread like wildfire with the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press. The wheels of time turn ever faster as we enter the modern age of media, from newspapers announcing the end of the Civil War to the televised broadcast of the moon landing—and beyond.

All of these great moments are brought vividly to life using elaborate sets and advanced Audio-Animatronics figures during this inspirational, 16-minute, Omnimover-style attraction.

Spaceship Earth Animatronics
Credit: Disney

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