Use Your Disney MagicBands In Your Own House!

Disney Disney Parks Guests use Magic Bands at the theme park entrance
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Disney MagicBands are a revolutionary innovation introduced by the Walt Disney Company to enhance the Disney Park experience at its various locations, including Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Cruise Line. These MagicBands combine the functionalities of a park ticket, room key, payment device, and personalized souvenir all in one wristband! So it’s no wonder that avid Disney fans are fond of the wrist accessories, which come in various colors, styles, and patterns.

It can be a bittersweet part of your Disney vacation to arrive home with all your magical memories and souvenirs just to pack away your family’s MagicBands, hoping you’ll have a chance to bring them out soon for another round of pixie dust. The good news is that that pixie dust may be a whole lot closer than you think! Because at the online Cinema Guy Store, you can bring some magic from the parks to your own household.

Disney MagicBands sold online for Guests to use at home

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When Guests arrive at a Disney Park, they can effortlessly access all the magic with a simple touch of their MagicBand to a MagicBand reader with a light-up Mickey Mouse design. That seamless experience throughout their vacation can now be mimicked for certain functions in the most avid Disney lover’s home. You can purchase your own MagicBand reader that will interact with your actual Disney MagicBands!

On, the Classic Reader goes for just under $200. Here’s the product description: “Add some magic to your home with this fully functioning Magic Band Scanner just like you’ve enjoyed at the Theme Parks. These items are fully functioning with lights, sounds, and work with your ACTUAL MAGIC BANDS! It even plays that famous chime that we are all so nostalgic for.”

Disney Parks Guests use Magic Bands on their Disney vacation

Credit: Disney

If you get the “smart outlet upgrade at checkout,” the reader can even control certain low-current household devices! Once plugged into the pre-programmed smart outlets, the Disney MagicBand reader can turn devices on and off. Think lamps, holiday lights, nightlights, and more!

While fans may be thrilled that the reader scans actual MagicBands, those without them don’t have to worry about getting in on the magic. There is an included button to press if you don’t have a MagicBand. With multiple color illuminations, the ability to mount onto a wall, and customization available, this at-home MagicBand reader really will transport you into a Disney theme park.

The designs don’t stop at the classic Mickey head, though! Dozens more designs include Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Marvel, Splash Mountain, the Monorail, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and more!

Disney MagicBands readers for your home: Star Wars, Disney Princess Cinderella

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The online listing has over 70 pages of 5-star reviews attesting to making their Dinsey dreams come true.

Whether it’s entering Disneyland Resort, purchasing merchandise at Disney World retail locations, accessing a hotel room, or now even turning on your child’s nightlight, MagicBands really can do it all! Not only are these bands practical and convenient, but they also add an element of fun and excitement to the Disney experience that Guests can now enjoy at home.

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