Upcoming Disney Projects From Around The World

The long anticipated opening of Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World finally arrived this past summer! However, so much of the most recent attention has been focused on Hollywood Studios expansion that other project announcements going on at Disney parks worldwide have gone virtually unnoticed. Here are some amazing things to look forward to and possibly travel internationally for.

Tokyo DisneySea:

This was a MAJOR announcement. The project that is set for 2022 will be the largest land expansion that this Disney park has ever done. The new port will include themes from three popular movies including Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. They will also be building a new on site hotel to accommodate the increase in guests for this new land.

When visiting Arendelle from Frozen guests are going to get to try a new restaurant inside the castle. This will be the first of its kind. This section will also host a ride that is rumored to sound very similar to Frozen Ever After in WDW. With the popularity of Frozen this land, which will be the first of its kind, is sure not to disappoint.

Next at this new port area guests will get to live a day in the life of the adventurous Rapunzel. You will get to wander through the forest where Rapunzel’s tower awaits. Guests will also get to dine at the Snuggly Duckling, the raucous tavern where Rapunzel got to see the softer side of the common people of her town. After that, be prepared to board a gondola for a romantic tour of Rapunzel’s “best day ever” as she journeys with Flynn to the lantern festival for an unforgettable finale.

When you arrive in Neverland,  Captain Hook’s pirate ship and Skull Rock will be the first sights you see. This section of the port will feature two new attractions and a restaurant inspired by the Lost Boys hideout. Guests will get to fly over the jungles of Neverland to rescue Wendy’s younger brother, John, from the evil Captain Hook. Then be prepared to immerse yourselves in the world of Pixie Hollow where TinkerBell and her fairy friends live.

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Disneyland Paris:

It was announced earlier this year that this Disney park will be undergoing a multi-year expansion and will include a transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park. This will roll out in phases beginning in 2021 and is set to include areas based on Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars. Each new area will bring to life some of Disney’s most popular stories and characters, including the re-imagining of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith as a high-speed, hyper-kinetic adventure with Iron Man. The creative vision for this project also includes a new lake, which will be the focal point for entertainment and will connect each of the new park areas. From the concept art it looms as though guests will get to enjoy a slightly scaled down version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, compared to the US versions. Toy Story land will also be getting an upgrade as well and rumor has it they will be adding the Alien Swirling Saucers. Although this project has been a bit more vaguely described then some others around the globe, we know it will be incredible since it’s Disney.

Hong Kong Disneyland:

This park is fast becoming a mecca for Marvel fans. In February it was announced that HKDL will be adding a second Marvel attraction in addition to their current Iron Man experience. The new attraction will let guests team up with Ant -Man and the Wasp to fight Amim Zgla and his army of Hydra swarm bits. This will be part of a multi-year expansion that will bring a new attraction or experience almost every year through 2023, focused heavily on their Marvel themed section of the park. Superhero fans, you have finally found a park that will cater to you and it’s about time.

Walt Disney World:

This is probably the park we have all heard the most about and know about a lot of the expansions headed to this destination. Of course the most hyped has been Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which has finally gotten an opening date of August 29, 2019. While this new area is projected to open in Disneyland on May 31, 2019 it will take Walt Disney World a bit more time to complete. This new area of Hollywood Studios is going to be incredible and will truly transport you to a galaxy far far away. Walt Disney World will also begin building a new hotel which will be a fully immersive Star Wars experience. No opening date has been announced for this hotel yet. In the shadows of this huge project there are several other attractions that will be coming to Walt Disney World. Finally Mickey Mouse will be getting his own attraction when Mickey’s Runaway Railway opening fall 2019.

Magic Kingdom will also be welcoming a new thrill ride around late summer 2021. The TRON Lightcycle power run, which currently only has one location at Shanghai Disney will be making its debut in Tomorrowland and it looks amazing. Just watch the video of the Shanghai attraction and tell me you don’t want to ride it right now.

Also, Epcot will be adding the Ratatouille ride that is now featured in Disneyland Paris. It’s a trackless ride that allows guests to have multiple experiences so it isn’t the same ride every time. It will be in the France section of World Showcase and since that section of the park has very few rides it will definitely add some excitement for the little ones on the side of EPCOT they may have previously found boring.

There are so many exciting things coming to Disney parks around the world. I know for sure I’ll be visiting all of them to check them out. What park expansion are you most excited about? Do you plan to travel internationally to visit some of these attractions?

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