Universal Orlando Suffers Parkwide Outages

Credit: Universal Studios

Universal Orlando deals with significant delays as it strives to enhance its theme parks and introduce new attractions. The expansive entertainment destination comprises Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal CityWalk, and various resort hotels. To combat the scorching Florida heat, Universal Orlando also offers Volcano Bay, a thrilling water park where Guests can cool off and have a blast.

Credit: Universal

Constantly pushing the boundaries of imagination, Universal Orlando consistently unveils fresh experiences and attractions to captivate Guests from all corners of the globe. The eagerly anticipated Universal’s Epic Universe, an upcoming theme park currently in the works, promises to deliver even more excitement and unparalleled adventures in the near future.

Epic Universe

Credit: Universal (Epic Universe)

Amidst constructing the new theme park, Universal is also diligently crafting a Minions-themed land at Universal Studios Florida. This enchanting realm will feature an all-new attraction named Villain Con Minion Blast, and a delightful new restaurant called Minion Cafe, designed to provide a whimsical dining experience for Guests.


Credit: Universal

Nevertheless, as the spotlight remains on new developments and attractions, some of Universal’s existing rides occasionally encounter delays or technical glitches. One Universal Guest recently expressed their frustration on Social Media, lamenting that “everything was delayed.” While it is true that weather conditions such as lightning in the area can lead to temporary delays in the operation of Universal attractions, it is unfortunate that this particular guest, who had express passes, felt as though their investment did not yield the expected value due to the delays.

Is it normal for everything to be delayed or broken half the time? We are here the 8th to the 9th and have express, but have had multiple rides go down for 45 mins+ while we’re in line. Gringots was down almost all day yesterday and hagrids has gone down multiple times while near the end of the line. We feel like we pretty much wasted 1500$ as we’ve barely been able to get on popular attractions with them breaking down. This isn’t weather delays either which I would understand is out of their control.

Universal Orlando recognizes the importance of ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all its Guests. Universal Team Members are committed to promptly addressing delays, mitigating inconveniences, and maintaining the high entertainment and customer satisfaction standards that Universal Orlando is renowned for.

Have you been on a Universal attraction and experienced delays?

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