Is Crush a Deadbeat Dad?!?!? Hilarious Turtle Talk With Crush Doesn’t Hold Back

Turtle talk with crush
Credit: Disney

One of EPCOT’s most  unique experiences is Turtle Talk With Crush. We love visiting with Crush and hearing his hilarious tales about life in the ocean anytime we are at EPCOT.   This hidden gem may seem like its just for the little ones but its really a great time for people of all ages, as a group of Disney Adults recently found out. 

According to Disney, “Turtle Talk With Crush is an interactive show located within the Seas Pavilion. Take a seat in Turtle Talk theater and watch as the turtle from Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo swims up close. Through the amazing technology of the hydrophone, he can communicate directly with land-based dudes and dudettes about almost anything that’s on their minds.” The results are sometimes touching and often hilarious. 

Not in Florida? No problem! You can also Turtle Talk With Crush at Disneyland over in Disney California Adventure Park! It’s just as amazing as the EPCOT version (with just as many unexpected laughs). That is where this hilarious exchange took place.

Turtle Talk with crush

Credit: Disney

When you enter the theater, there are several rows of bench seats but in the very front of the theater is a large carpeted area where children sit to ask Crush their questions about marine biology, his friends from the sea, his favorite foods, anythingthat pops into their heads really. Crush has been asked some…difficult questions over the years. In fact, he recently narrowly avoided explaining the birds and the bees to one curious child.

Not long ago, a group of adults decided it would be fun to sit with the kids and participate.  However, Sitting in the area doesn’t mean you’ll be called on to ask a question, as the show only has a set amount of time (approx. 20 min).

 To everyone’s surprise though the adults were called on to ask their question. Adorably, a man named Jesse began by thanking Crush for an awesome childhood.  Crush was momentarily at a loss for words before quipping “woah…wait…was I…am I your dad?” Everyone in the theater cracked up. Not to be outdone Jesse replied “well you never came back with the milk so…” Crush was stunned and took a second before saying “I was not ready for that emotionally.” 

Turtle talk with crush

Credit: TikTok

See what I mean? Turtle Talk is always a great time. No matter how many times we see  it, it never fails to make us laugh. Since it is an improv show Innis different every time we go. To view the entire exchange, click here.

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