A Terrifying Trend at Orlando International Reaches All-Time High, Puts Disney World Guests, Other Travelers in Danger

orlando international airport cinderella castle

The Transportation Safety Administration says Orlando International Airport has hit a terrifying record, and Disney World Guests flying into the airport, as well as other travelers, need to be aware.

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orlando international airport cinderella castle

In September of this year, FOX35 Orlando reported that nearly 600 firearms had been intercepted by TSA agents since the first day of 2022. TSA warned passengers about the growing trend then, saying that such a trend could have “dire consequences.”

Almost all of the 600 weapons seized were fully loaded and had ammunition chambered as well, according to TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz, meaning that the weapons could have caused harm in the wrong hands, or in the event of an accidental discharge of the weapons.

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Orlando airport launching reservation line to schedule time slot to get through security โ€“ WFTV

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FOX 35 Orlando now reports that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) at Orlando International Airport has seen a record number of passengers approach the TSA checkpoint with guns in their carry-on luggage–an offense that is punishable by up to $15,000 per offense, depending on whether the gun is loaded or unloaded when it’s discovered. Koshetz told FOX that a record 154 passengers this year have brought guns to the TSA checkpoint at Orlando International Airport, though guns aren’t the only weapons confiscated.

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Other seized weapons include hockey sticks, hammers, drills, tasers, knives, small knives hidden in compartments the size of credit cards, baseball batts, rolling pins, power saws, and more. (Why a passenger would need a power saw in his or her carry-on luggage, we may never know.)
weapons at orlando international

Credit: FOX 35 Orlando

Many of the confiscated items are items that are actually permitted on an airplane, so long as they are kept within a passenger’s checked baggage. When weapons of any kind–or items that could be used as weapons in the wrong hands–are found in passengers’ carry-on luggage at the TSA checkpoint, agents give passengers a choice: either return to the airline check-in kiosk to check the item, or have the item confiscated.

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