Top Ten Ways to Beat the Florida Heat

Top Ten Ways to Beat the Florida Heat

Most likely you know in your head that it will be hot in Central Florida during the summer. You just might not realize exactly hot how it actually feels. Many people underestimate the Florida sun, which is stronger because Florida is closer to the equator than most places in the United States. Add in the humidity and the heat can be enough to slow anyone down. Summer is not the only time of year when it will be hot in Florida. While the area is known for its mild winters, there still could be plenty of days in December, January and February when you might want to wear your shorts and flip flops while you’re on your vacation.

You probably already know several things that you should do to keep cool on a hot day at Walt Disney World. You will stay cooler if you drink plenty of water and if you wear light colored clothes. Some people visit a park first thing in the morning, head back to the hotel during the heat of the day, and then return to the park after the sun has set. Another thing that you might already know is that you should use sunscreen, even if it is cloudy. A hat will also be something that you might want to have to keep the sun out of your face.

So what do you do if you don’t want to waste any of your vacation time because of the heat? That’s what this list is for. It offers some simple ways to cool off on a hot day and there are also suggestions for activities that you might want to try. There are certainly other ways to beat the heat as well, these are just a few that will fit into almost anyone’s vacation plans.

10) Buy Some Fresh Fruit

There is something special about cold watermelon on a hot day. Fortunately you can find it at all of the Walt Disney World theme parks. They serve chilled watermelon and also grapes, which will cool you off and help you to stay hydrated. You can also sometimes find fresh fruit cups. If you would prefer an orange, an apple or a banana they sell those in the parks as well, they just aren’t kept on ice.

9) Take a Dip in the Hotel Pool

The Walt Disney World resort hotels all have amazing pools. They are themed to match the resort where they are located. If you are staying on Disney property you can catch a bus or other transportation back to your hotel for a quick afternoon swim. If you are not staying on Disney property there is most likely a pool at your hotel as well. Sometimes a break from the parks in the middle of the day is just what you will need to reenergize yourself and your family. A hotel pool is the perfect place to take that break. Remember to always keep an eye on your children at a pool, even if there are lifeguards present.

8) Grab a Cold or Frozen Drink

Sometimes a cold drink is all that is needed to keep you going. They are never too far away at any of the Disney parks. You can buy soda or bottled water at kiosks around every turn. Also available are frozen drinks. You can find frozen lemonade, frozen coffee creations and even frozen strawberry daiquiris (if you are of age). If you want a cool drink that will not cost you anything stop by Club Cool at Epcot. There you can try several different Coca Cola products from around the world. Filling your own bottle with the free drinks is frowned upon but you can drink as much as you want while you are in there. Some of the flavors are unlike anything that you have tried before.

7) Find a Misting Station

A cool mist of water can go a long way to making you feel more comfortable on a hot day. Walt Disney World realizes that and has set up misting stations. These aren’t designed to get you soaked, you will just feel a light mist of water, which will do a lot to bring your external body temperature down. Stop by the giant Coke bottles at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Cool Wash at Epcot for quick relief from the heat. You can also cool down at the Tomorrowland Cool Scanner at the Magic Kingdom or the misters located outside of Tamu Tamu Refreshments at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

6) Plan on an Indoor Lunch

Whether you decide to make a reservation or you would rather have a counter service meal, finding the right place to eat your lunch is important. Make sure that you pick a restaurant with plenty of indoor seating. You will welcome the air conditioning and you will also be glad to have a chance to get off of your feet for a little while. Remember that during the busiest times of the year the lines can get long for the counter service restaurants around noon, so you may want to plan your meal either a little bit early or a little bit late. No matter what time you eat you will be happy for the chance to get out of the heat.

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5) Get Soaked in a Water Play Area

Why is it that some people think that water play areas are only for children? They can be a lot of fun for people of all ages. Walt Disney World has several interactive fountains and water play areas. The newest is the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, which is located in Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom. There are also other places for you and your kids to get wet elsewhere in the parks. If you really want to get soaked, head to Downtown Disney Marketplace. There are two interactive fountains there, although they are not both always in operation. Bring a bathing suit and make sure that you take off your shoes and socks, then join your kids in the fun!

4) Visit Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is a great place to get away from the heat. While there is still a lot of walking, if you get too hot just head inside a store. You can spend hours away from the heat in DisneyQuest, or you can bowl with your family at Splittsville. Take in the latest movie on a screen that is probably larger than what they have at the local movie theater at home. Grab a bite to eat or buy the souvenirs that you meant to buy at the parks. There’s so much to do at Downtown Disney that you could easily spend an entire day of your vacation there.

3) Find the Indoor Rides and Shows

You do not need to spend all day at Walt Disney World out in the hot sun. There are plenty of indoor attractions. While on busy days the queue line may end up outside for part of the wait for a ride like Star Tours or It’s a Small World, once you get closer you’ll be out of the heat. Then all that you have to do is to enjoy the air conditioning while you wait. Take advantage of FASTPASS where available and you will not wait outside for many of the rides. There are also shows that you can see that are indoors at all four parks. Your whole family will enjoy Festival of the Lion King or Captain EO.

There are also some rides that will help you to beat the summer heat. You will get soaked on Splash Mountain or on Kali River Rapids. The speed of Test Track will also help to bring the temperature down, at least for a few minutes. Even the new interactive queue for Dumbo is designed with your family’s comfort in mind.

2) Cool Off With Ice Cream

There is probably no faster way to cool off than with a delicious frozen treat. You can find ice cream almost anywhere on Disney property. You can buy hand scooped ice cream, soft serve ice cream and ice cream sundaes. Disney sells Mickey bars, Mickey ice cream sandwiches, popsicles and other frozen goodies. Even people on special diets have options with Rice Dream and Tofutti for sale at the Magic Kingdom. Speaking of the Magic Kingdom, that is where you can get your Dole Whip fix. If you haven’t tried it on a hot day you don’t know what you’re missing!

1) Spend a Day at a Disney Water Park

If interactive fountains or the hotel pool are fun ways to cool off, imagine how great an entire day in the water would be! Walt Disney World has two of the most creative water parks on the planet. Disney’s Blizzard Beach offers thrills that you won’t soon forget, including Summit Plummet. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon boasts the largest wave pool in the United States. You can ride thrill rides at either park or relax on a lazy river. The theming is incredible no matter which water park you choose. You and your family might enjoy yourselves so much that you decide to visit the other water park as well.

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