Top 9 Things That Everyone Should Do Someday At Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Everyone knows that there are must do rides and attractions at Walt Disney World. You probably have your own list of things that you need to do on each visit. There are other experiences that might not be a part of every trip, but you should do them someday. This list offers you “someday” suggestions. There might be a few items on this list that are already a part of your must do list, if so that is great. You may have tried some of these, or maybe you haven’t done any of them yet. If you can’t do them this time, try to include one or two during your next trip. It’s always fun to plan something different for when you return.


9. Take a Picture With a Face Character

Taking a picture with Mickey or one of his friends is pretty easy to do. Since Mickey doesn’t talk in most circumstances, even adults can feel like kids when they interact with him for a few moments. For some people, the face characters are much more intimidating. You need to actually talk to them and hold a real conversation before taking the photo. Many kids love talking to Cinderella but it can be a bit more awkward for an adult. Get in line and get that picture. It could end up being your favorite.

8. Savor a Mickey Bar

Buying a Mickey bar might be something that you do each trip, or even each day of your visit. At least once don’t scarf it down, really savor every bite. The simple yet delicious mixture of vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating should be enjoyed. Use the wrapper or a napkin to catch any melted ice cream that might drip down, and take your time while eating it.

7. Wear Something Fun

Walt Disney World allows adults to revert back to their childhoods, it’s almost a requirement. Wear something that you would never wear out in public back home. Buy something fun! If it’s your birthday get the crazy hat to show everyone that it’s your special day. A Goofy baseball style hat will keep the sun off of your face and help you to feel “goofy” at the same time. Get matching Tower of Terror shirts for the whole family and wear them the next day to show the world that you conquered your fears. At the very least, buy Mickey ears and keep them on for an entire day, taking them off only when you’re on a ride. Walt Disney World is a giant playground, so dress the part. One quick side note; there is something heartwarming about a dad who is man enough to wear a Disney Princess backpack on his back while on vacation. Your daughter will be young for such a short time, don’t think twice about carrying that bright pink backpack for her.

6. Go for a Walk

Sometimes you need to slow down the pace a little bit. Taking a walk can help you to recharge. There are plenty of great walking and jogging trails on Disney property. If you’re spending a day in a park you can easily leave to take a path in any of the nearby resort areas. One of the best places to walk can be found at Fort Wilderness, which has a pathway that is 2.5 miles long. Remember as well that World Showcase can be a great place for a walk, and you won’t even have to leave Epcot! Take a stroll around World Showcase without stopping right after the area opens, it’s usually not crowded then. Once you’re done, go back and explore the different countries.

5. Enjoy a Cupcake

You probably already know about funnel cakes, Dole Whip, and churros. They all make great snacks. But did you know that cupcakes are everywhere at Walt Disney World? They also make great snacks and are all special and delicious. Between the parks, resorts and Disney Springs the options for this treat are endless!

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4. See the Animals at Night

The Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge are home to over 30 species of animals.  Seeing them at any time of the day is exciting, but after dark is special. Cast members will pass out night vision goggles so that you can see the animals in a whole new “light”. Your kids will love it and you will as well.

3. Open and Close a Park

Pick a park and show up before it opens. If you arrive after the rope drops it doesn’t count. Stay in the park the entire day and don’t leave until after it closes. Eat in the park and try to experience as many rides and attractions as you can. When the park closes at the end of the night, hang back and be one of the last guests to leave. You will feel like an expert on the park by the end of the day.

2. Take an Official Tour

If you are curious about the ins and outs of Walt Disney World, you might want to take an official tour. There are many to choose from. You can see the hidden areas of the parks or learn about steam trains. Go under water or see African animals closer than you ever thought possible. Most of the behind the scenes tours can be booked by calling 407-WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687). The lengths of the tours and the costs vary.

1. Watch the Happily Ever After Away From the Magic Kingdom

Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular is a nice way to end a day at the Magic Kingdom. It is also annoying to try to get out of the park after it is done. Get away from the crowds and watch Happily Ever After  elsewhere. The Magic Kingdom resort hotels offer great views of the fireworks. Watch them at the Polynesian, or make a dinner reservation at California Grill and enjoy the best view around. Don’t leave before you see the Electrical Water Pageant. It’s a one of a kind show that too many Disney guests have never even heard of . It is performed several times nightly at different spots around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. The first show is at 9:00pm and the final one at 10:35pm. Watching the Electrical Water Pageant and Happily Ever After away from the crowds is the perfect way to end your day.

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