Top 10 Reasons To Go To Walt Disney World Solo

Some of us have done it, some of you have thought about it, and some people ask, why on Earth would anyone go to Disney World by themselves? I have traveled to Disney by myself three different times, and each experience was unique and exciting. Here are ten reasons why you can and should go to Disney World alone, at least once in your life.

10. You can travel on your schedule

Have you been trying to plan a trip to Disney and find you’re unable to accommodate your travel partners’ vacation time? One of the great things about traveling to Disney alone is you only have your own schedule to worry about. You don’t have to cater around school schedules of children, or someone else’s work vacation time. Have you always wanted to go for Christmas, Halloween, or another festive time of year? If your own schedule will allow you to travel, than go on, do it!

9. You might find yourself saving some money

This might sound surprising if you have no one to split a room cost with, but once again you find yourself on a flexible schedule. At peak times, room rates skyrocket. If you find you can travel at a non-peak time, you can find yourself with a room rate cheap enough to offset the cost of not being able to split it, or even score a free dining plan. If you’re staying on property, you have no need for a rental car, and once again can save money in case you had a travel companion who wanted to stay off-property.

8. Eat whatever you want!

With only your own pallet to worry about, you can set your food budget. If you aren’t a three square meal a day person, you can eat as little or as much as you want. Have you always wanted to eat at a certain restaurant? Book it! You are unencumbered by anyone else’s dietary wants or budget. You can strictly eat homemade sandwiches, eat at the most expensive digs on site, or just eat on the fly. Anything goes for just you!

7. Do whatever you want

You don’t have to cater to anyone else’s schedule or wants! Ride Tower or Terror ten times in a row, go to rope drop every day, or shut the park down. Hit another local Orlando attraction, or a water park. Without other travel companions, especially those who haven’t been to Disney before, you can travel on the exact schedule you want. No need to hit attractions you don’t want to, or bypass things that others wouldn’t want to ride that you love.

6. Single Rider Lines

You’re alone anyways, so take advantage of this! Save FastPasses for the rides you have to get them for. For example, book a FastPass for Tower of Terror and jump in the single-riders’ line of Rock in Roller Coaster. Also take advantage of single rider on Test Track, Expedition Everest, and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run to maximize your number of rides on major attractions.

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5. You can make rope-drop and early morning Extra Magic Hours

Few Disney vacationers realize just how much time this can give you. Some people may argue they are on vacation and who wants to wake up early? The bottom line is, if it’s not the busiest time of year at Disney, you can easily get up and make it to the parks in a decent amount of time. Aim to leave your hotel between an hour and a half hour before park opening. If you get there early, you can get in and head straight to the A-list attractions. Book a FastPass to one and get on another. You may find in the first hour or two the park is open you are able to do quite a bit compared to the rest of the day. Rousing others early, or trying to make time for breakfast, etc. is usually what delays people getting to the parks before 10am. Get up, get ready, do a grab and go snack or breakfast and get to the parks.

4. You can take a nap

If you follow the advice of number six and arrive in the parks early, you can easily take time in the middle of the day, when the park is most crowded, to go back to your room for a snooze or a pool break. Take a break from the crowds and heat, then head back to the park in late afternoon or early evening. When you’re with others, you may find no time to relax like this, or a lack of enthusiasm to leaving the parks. So take advantage of an afternoon off!

3. Stay wherever you want

Take this time to stay in whatever hotel you want, or can afford. Consider a split, do one night at your dream hotel if you want to break up the cost. Stay at a hotel closest to your favorite park. Keep in mind, cost and availability will affect these choices, but if you plan on spending more time at your resort, you can always splurge on your dream stay.

2. You can travel light

Often when going into the parks, you find yourself encumbered with too much stuff in your bag. With just you to consider, take only what you want or need. You don’t need to take a change of clothes, shoes, poncho, etc. if you plan to return to your hotel midday, or if you aren’t going to get soaked on Kali River Rapids. Take a small bag, or no bag at all and breeze through security.

1. It’s about one of the safest places in the world to travel alone

Ladies, this is definitely applicable to you. I had always wanted to take a trip alone, but didn’t think it would be safe. Then I considered Disney. With free transportation to every park, Disney Springs, and the Boardwalk, there are many activities for you, even solo, and you can travel safely. You can safely go to Disney Springs nightlife and know you can get back to your hotel safely and free. With lots of staff, security, and families around you can feel safe walking to your hotel or around the Resort at night.

Ok, so you’ve thought about it, now do it! Plan what time of year you want to go, and set a budget. Take advantage of any discounts, and plan your itinerary. Now go and have a magical vacation by yourself and have fun!

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