Top Must-Do’s at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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With summer fast approaching, our winter dreams of burying our toes in the sand as the sun kisses our skin will soon become a reality for many of us. At Disney’s Blizzard Beach, guests can witness that transition from winter wonderland to tropical summer paradise, as legend has it this “ski resort” was constructed after a freak snowstorm blanketed the area. The following are some of the can’t-miss activities and attractions at WDW’s coolest water park. 


8. Cross Country Creek

With seven entry/exit points along the way, there’s really no excuse to avoid Blizzard Beach’s version of the lazy river. Grab an inner tube and float through forests, caves, and past all manner of entertaining decor as the “runoff” from Mount Gushmore offers welcome relief from the central Florida heat. The water features — such as leaky pipes and erupting geysers — provide for obstacles you may or may not wish to avoid, depending on the level of saturation you’re hoping to achieve. If you ride the current, it will take about 30 minutes to complete a lap around this winding, 3000-foot spring which, if you ask us, doesn’t seem like nearly long enough. Time for another lap!

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7. Toboggan Racers

What could make sliding down these toboggan slopes even more fun? Why, turning it into a competition, of course! This 250-foot slalom slide features eight lanes where groups can grab a mat and hurtle themselves headfirst toward the finish line in the hopes of claiming all-out victory. This zero-depth attraction should appeal to the younger members of your party, who will surely appreciate gliding to a stop on the surface of the slide rather than dropping down into the depths of a churning pool. Toboggan Racers is an attraction everyone can enjoy, earning bonus points for its repeatability factor as friends and family will undoubtedly want to challenge each other to one rematch after another.

6. Melt-Away Bay

Like the lazy river, wave pools are to be expected at water parks and Blizzard Beach is no different. This 1-acre heated pool rests at the base of Mount Gushmore and serves as the centerpiece of the park. Unlike many wave pools, which feature lulls between the crashing swells, Melt-Away Bay offers a constant crest of gently lapping waves. It may not reach the impressive heights of Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool, but these waves will still leave you bobbing up and down on your inner tube as you paddle against the current.

Credit: Disney

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5. Mini Donuts by Joffrey’s Coffee

Everyone has their favorite snacks at Walt Disney World, and these delightful sugar-coated pastries are one of our must-haves when visiting Blizzard Beach. Perpetually warm and fresh, the mini donuts are tossed in a sugar blend while you watch before being scooped into a handy cardboard container and paired with your choice of optional dipping sauce — a trio of options which include chocolate, white chocolate, and raspberry. This melt-in-your-mouth treat is not to be missed, and is offered by the dozen or half dozen.    

4. Downhill Double Dipper

As its name would suggest, this attraction features two side-by-side lanes that send guests flying down the 50-foot speed slide at up to 25 mph. The journey begins much like a downhill ski course, with a retractable gate keeping the competitors behind the starting line before releasing them into the darkness of the tube slide. After emerging into the light, racers explode toward the finish line where they’ll not only claim victory but attempt to top their best times, which are displayed above each lane. Unlike the Toboggan Racers, there is a height requirement for this slide.

Credit: Disney

3. Teamboat Springs

We’ve covered enough competitive courses thus far, so perhaps it’s time to band together for a little teamwork. Teamboat Springs unites groups in a whitewater raft that can accommodate 4 to 6 guests as they battle the rapids on their way down a 1200-foot slide that is said to be one of the longest such rides in the world. Featuring twists and turns, the most thrilling part of this slide is its unpredictability, as each rotation potentially puts a different rider in line to absorb the brunt of the waves splashing into the raft. 

2. Polar Pub

Located right near Melt-Away Bay, this adult beach bar serves up a variety of chilling cocktails to help keep you cool. Indulge in everything from margaritas to the signature Piña CoLAVA, featuring frozen raspberry rum and raspberry purée blended with piña colada mix. If fruity drinks aren’t your bag, the Polar Pub also offers a selection of draft brews, bottled beers, and wines.

1. Summit Plummet

Depending on the person, this slide’s must-doability is debatable. But if you’re a thrill seeker who isn’t afraid of heights, you’ll want to make it a point to scale this 12-story slide at the peak of Mount Gushmore. Once faithful riders push off from the summit, they’ll reach dizzying speeds as they shoot down the steep 360-foot slide on their journey to the base of the mountain. No matter where you stand on thrill slides, it’s undoubtedly the fastest way to descend the mountain.  

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