Top Lies About Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

When imagining Walt Disney World, most guests immediately think of the Magic Kingdom, the first Disney Park that opened on property on October 1, 1971. Featuring seven lands filled with classic attractions including Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more, the Magic Kingdom is the quintessential experience on any Disney vacation. While many guests absolutely adore the Disney Park, many also believe common misconceptions and lies about the location that are simply not true. Those who look past these common assumptions know that the Magic Kingdom is an unforgettable location that is a joy to experience time and time again. Here are the top lies about the Magic Kingdom that guests should not believe.


1. It’s Only For Kids

The biggest misconception about the Magic Kingdom is that it is only for guests who are young in age. While there are certainly a lot of attractions in the Disney Park that are family friendly and suitable for guests of all ages, the Magic Kingdom is definitely not just for kids. Classic attractions like It’s A Small World, the Jungle Cruise, Astro Orbiter, and more are just as much fun for adults as they are for children thanks to beautiful details and theming that make the experiences fully immersive.

Haunted Mansion

2. There Are No Thrills

Going hand in hand with the assumption that the Magic Kingdom is only for children is the assumption that many guests have that there are absolutely no thrills in the Disney Park. This is absolutely not true as the Magic Kingdom is home to its very own mountain range that offers up fur unique and thrilling experiences for guests to enjoy. Space Mountain blasts guests into the inky depths of space, Splash Mountain invites guests to get soaked while plunging down a five story drop, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad whips guests around a mining town full of creatures and excitement, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train brings guests on an adventure into the Dwarfs’ mines. With these popular attractions to enjoy, the Magic Kingdom definitely is home to its fair share of thrills for guests.

3. Only Serves Theme Park Food

Since the Magic Kingdom is a classic theme park, it’s easy to understand why many guests might automatically believe that the restaurants located throughout the Disney Park only serve classic theme park foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, and fries. This is actually very far from the truth as the Magic Kingdom is home to countless quick and table service dining locations that offer up many different types of delicious cuisine. Guests can enjoy traditional French cuisine at Be Our Guest Restaurant, worldly flavors at the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen, fresh Italian flatbreads at Pinocchio’s Village Haus, and much more on any given day.

Be Our Guest Restaurant (Photo: Matthew Cooper – www.thetimethespace.com)

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4. No Alcohol Served

In addition to believing that it’s all chicken fingers and fries, many guests believe that there is no alcohol served in the Magic Kingdom. While this used to be true, recent years have seen a change that now permits the sale of alcohol under certain circumstances. Guests who enjoy any table service meal in the Disney Park can enjoy an alcoholic beverage, which is a huge plus for many guests who enjoy sipping on a cocktail, glass of wine, or beer with a decadent meal. Having the chance to relax and enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the Magic Kingdom is a great perk!

5. Only Need One Day

Many guests also believe that since the Magic Kingdom is on the small side when compared to Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Epcot that they only need one day to enjoy all that the park has to offer. While it is true that the Magic Kingdom is a fraction of the size of some other Disney Parks, it is actually home to the highest number of attractions of any of the four Disney Parks in Walt Disney World in addition to entertainment, dining, shopping, and more. In order to full enjoy all that the Magic Kingdom has to offer, guests certainly need much more than one day!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

6. Not A Lot of Entertainment

Sure, COVID-19 has changed how Magic Kingdom currently looks as far as entertainment goes. No longer will you catch the Festival of Fantasy Parade or the nightly Happily Ever After fireworks. Disney has however introduced new entertainment experiences such as Character Cavalcades (individual floats that parade at random times) and Character Encounters from afar, such as seeing Stitch on stage in Tomorrowland. Plus, some oldies but goodies that have been slightly modified include entertainment such as the Dapper Dans and Main Street Philharmonic which bring charm and enjoyment to each day in the Disney Park.

7. Always Too Crowded

Since the Magic Kingdom is considered by many guests to be the one Disney Park that has to be enjoyed on each Walt Disney World vacation, it is easy to assume that the crowd levels are always high. This is not necessarily the case as guests can smartly navigate the crowds during early mornings and into the afternoon. With Walt Disney World’s physical distancing, FastPass may be a thing of the past for now, but there are still ways to watch crowds and plan to head the opposite way. Weekends also tend to be the most crowded times in the Magic Kingdom, so visiting on a weekday is always more advisable when trying to avoid crowds.

Credit: Disney

8. Just A Replica of Disneyland

Since Disneyland opened in 1955 and the Magic Kingdom was modeled after the classic Disney Park, it is understandable that many guests just automatically assume that the Magic Kingdom is an exact replica of its sister location. While there are certainly some experiences that are the same, the Magic Kingdom is home to plenty of unique experiences that guests cannot enjoy in Disneyland. Some of the unique experiences include Be Our Guest Restaurant, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, Hall of Presidents, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and more.

9. Certain Attractions Are Boring

Some attractions throughout the Magic Kingdom get a bad reputation as being boring and are often overlooked by guests. While some certainly don’t pack big thrills, that doesn’t mean that these attractions should be skipped as they are all enjoyable in their own ways. Entertaining attractions such as Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and the Country Bear Jamboree feature catchy music and loveable characters, the Liberty Belle offers beautiful views of the Rivers of America and a chance to relax, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority offers great views of Tomorrowland with the perfect amount of breeze, and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress offers a great glimpse into the original creation of the attraction from the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

10. It’s Always The Same

After enjoying time in the Magic Kingdom, guests might feel as though they never need to return because the experience will be the same every time. This is far from the truth as attractions and experiences are constantly being upgraded and “plussed” and entertainment changes frequently, along with decorations, experiences, dining options, and attraction overlays. Since things are constantly changing and evolving, there is always something new to see and enjoy in the Magic Kingdom!

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