Top 8 Snacks In Epcot’s World Showcase At Walt Disney World

Around the 1.2-mile World Showcase, each of the pavilions representing the 11 countries has a unique dining experience that awaits you. From quick service to fine dining, there’s something to fulfill everyone’s culinary curiosities. When it comes to snacks, you’d have a difficult time finding a more concentrated area of incredibly delectable treats in all of Walt Disney World. Snacking around the World Showcase has even become a bucket-list item for many Disney fans as they look to sample something sweet from each country. While everyone’s favorite snack may be different, for those who are looking for a good place to start, we have put together a list of the top 8 snacks from Epcot’s World Showcase.

8. Green Tea Cheesecake and Green Tea Mousse Cake in Japan

The Japan Pavilion is full of delicious food to try, from the fresh sushi of Tokyo Dining to the incredible creations from the chefs of Teppan Edo. While many of the dishes are savory, there are a few hidden gems to satisfy your sweet tooth. One of those gems are the Green Tea Desserts, which comes in two variations. On the dessert menu at Teppan Edo, you will find Green Tea Mousse Cake and on the the menu of Katsura Grill you will find Green Tea Cheesecake. Both of these desserts are uniquely amazing and light enough to fit in even if your meal has filled you up.

7. Ice Cream in China

As another unexpected find on this list, the unique flavors of ice cream found in the China Pavilion can make for the perfect snack on a hot Florida afternoon. Both of the quick service locations in China offer a selection of ice cream and the list makes it difficult to choose which one to try. With offerings of Caramel Ginger Ice Cream, Strawberry-Red Bean Ice Cream and Lychee Ice Cream, you may have to try them all and share amongst the members of your group. The origins of ice cream can be traced back to China in the year 3000 BCE with its arrival Europe coming in the thirteenth century. While it has certainly changed since its inception, trying the tasty treat in the China Pavilion gives you an appreciation for the tradition and history.

6. Funnel Cakes at American Adventure

If you’re craving something deep-fried, it’s hard to go wrong with a funnel cake from the American Adventure Pavilion. In a small stand, conveniently called Funnel Cakes, you can have your pick from the menu which caters exclusively to this classic snack. Toppings vary depending on the season but some of them include powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream, apples or chocolate sauce. This delectable treat is pure comfort food as you reach the halfway point around the World Showcase. In addition to the traditional flavors, the stand will frequently rotate a seasonal flavor into the mix, like the Pumpkin-Spice Funnel Cake or the Cookies n’ Cream Funnel Cake.

5. Baklava in Morocco

When it comes to snacks around the World Showcase, the Baklava in the Morocco Pavilion should be on every must-try list. Nestled towards the back of the Tangierine CafĂ©, an unassuming counter and display case house a selection of coffee and baklava for all your snack needs. A buttery phyllo pastry is soaked in honey and layered with nuts inside. The combination of sweet and savory make for a truly delicious snack that has many guests coming back for another piece. With different variations available, there’s lots to try, making it a great place to stop off every time you visit Epcot.

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4. Gelato in Italy

Having originated in Italy, Gelato is an obvious choice when it comes to snacking inside the pavilion. That being said, there are a number of other items like cannolis and tiramisu that are equally iconic and just as delicious. But Gelato brings an opportunity to try many different flavors that would appeal to you, making the choosing of flavors the most difficult step in the process. In addition to the standard flavors, the Italian Gelato Kiosk has combinations of their own, including *varying by season* Coppa Amicizia (Cookies and Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla Gelato topped with Mango Sauce, Whipped Cream and Whole Raspberries) or for a caffeine infusion, the Espresso Gelato “Affogato” (Fresh Italian Espresso poured over Vanilla Gelato, Topped with Chocolate Coffee Beans and Amaretto cookies).

3. School Bread in Norway

As one of the signature snacks in Walt Disney World, School Bread is on many Disney bucket lists. At the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Norway, there are several delicious pastries that warrant your attention, but none are as sought-after as the School Bread. A sweet bun is filled with a vanilla custard with a glaze on top and toasted coconut to complete this iconic snack. It’s a truly unique item that has its own fan-following with the tradition behind the snack and the satisfying way it fills you up without feeling overly heavy. If you haven’t tried it, make sure you add it to your must-do list for your next visit.

2. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in France

This stop around the World Showcase doesn’t have one single item that stands above the rest. Each one of the pastries and desserts on the menu is a great choice for satisfying your sweet tooth. French cuisine has a storied history of creating some of the world’s most delectable treats and many of them are showcased in this bakery inside the France Pavilion. From Éclairs to Napoleons, CrĂ©me BrĂ»lĂ©e to Macaroons, the possibilities are endless when you enter and you may find that you need to sample more than one tasty treat as they all look incredibly tempting.

1. Karamell Kuche in Germany

While Les Halles could easily be number one on the list, Karamell Kuche in the Germany Pavilion is one of the most popular spots around the World Showcase. It’s in a prime location to attract curious guests through its doors, with the smell of warm caramel hanging in the air. The display case inside is full of incredibly indulgent snacks – all with a caramel theme. Guests can choose from a number of different options, like the caramel-filled chocolate cookie, caramel cheesecake, caramel and chocolate pretzels, caramel apple oatmeal cookie with pecans, salted caramel fudge brownies and so much more. Though some of these may change over the years one thing is for sure- If you want something with caramel come HERE! The list also includes caramel popcorn, which you can see as it’s coated in the golden brown caramel goodness. There really isn’t any snack here that you will regret trying.

What are your favorite snacks around the World Showcase? Tell us why in the comments!

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